Terms of Service | AGBs (updated 30.11.2023)

§1 Account (30.11.2023)

By registering an account, the user ( = the person who registers the account)
agrees to our Terms of Service below and also confirms that they have read them.
The user is allowed to share their account with others - at their own risk!
If the user loses items or any other digital content through account sharing,
we reserve the right to refuse any support related to that!

There's a limitation of accounts you can create. If you exceed that limit - your accounts will be banned automatically!

§2 Names (29.08.2023)

The user consents not to use any names that are related to racist actions.
The user also consents not to use any disrespectful names or names that are obviously used for bullying.
Exceptions are possible after a consultation with server administration to explain the relations.
If the user breaks this rule, their name will be changed by the administration without hesitation
or - in special cases - they must reckon with a temporary/permanent ban.

§3 Behavior (29.08.2023)

The user consents to play together with others respectfully.
We're fully aware that there might be conflicts of interest or disagreements.
But always try to keep it on a civilized level or request help from the administration through a ticket on Discord.

If the user breaks this rule, they must be aware of unspecified punishments (e.g. chat ban,temporary login ban).
This also means that the administration can issue 1-2 warnings,
and if there's no change in behavior, the administration will use other measures,
as described above.

§3.1 PvP (29.08.2023)

The user consents not to engage in a permanent PvP hunt against the same players.
PK ("Playerkill") is not forbidden in the first place - but the user should have a sense of measure related to their actions.
The user should show restraint regarding other characters with lower levels.
This statement is not meant to be a free ticket to steal farming spots! In such cases, rivalry will of course be tolerated.
Exceptions always depend on the case.
The administration will only take action if the user reports it as a problem.
Otherwise, we believe the user has enough maturity to solve their problems by communicating with each others.

§4 Botting/Macro-Using (29.08.2023)

The user consents not to use any botting program to automate their playing without their presence on PC!
In other words, botting is prohibited!
The server has a small anti-bot system that triggers through killing a specified number of monsters.
If the user doesn't deal with the system properly, they will receive a punishment from the system itself.
On the other hand, using macros is allowed - as long as the user is available on PC during the character's actions and responds to requests after a reasonable amount of time.
If the user doesn't follow these rules, the administration will take actions like "Debuffing," temporary bans, etc.

§5 Regarding Payments - Disclaimer (01.10.2022)

By purchasing digital currency, the user is fully aware of the amount of points they will receive!
The user consents to Underworld immediately beginning the transaction contract by activating digital content
(including digital currency and any content activated using digital currency) in the user's account.
The user accepts waiving the right to cancel this contract and/or to get a refund once the digital content has been activated on the game account.
The user also accepts that there will be no special receipt for any digital content or digital currency beyond the transaction notification from PayPal as proof of purchase. If the user wants to receive a receipt for their top-up, they should get in contact with the administration!

So please do yourself a favor and only charge up on our server if you want to support us!

§5.1 Use of donated/paid money (29.08.2023)

By purchasing digital currency, the user supports the administration in keeping the server up.
If the server costs are less than the total amount of payments,
the "rest" will be used for further development of the Underworld Server and improvements by the administration itself,
as well as some reserves for unplanned costs (e.g. if it's not enough to pay for the server in one month).

Again: Only buy digital currency on our server if you want to support us!

§6 Regarding paid items (01.10.2022)

There will be no refund for lost items that are sold to NPCs or for any user-related mistakes.
We will likely refund the user's item if they didn't receive it due to a technical issue.
This does NOT include losses due to server wipes!

§7 Mutability of these terms (29.08.2023)

These terms are not final and might be edited as soon as new situations appear requiring the addition or editing of a term or terms!