EXP: x3
JP: x3
Itemdrop: x5 (but be aware that I have rewritten whole droptable by myself which results in custom droptable/-chances anyway)
Golddrop: x1
Lakdrop: x3
Tame: x1

Party-EXP 2 Players:x1.2
Party-EXP 3 Players:x1.3
Party-EXP 4 Players:x1.4
Party-EXP 5 Players:x1.5
Party-EXP 6 Players:x1.6
Party-EXP 7 Players:x1.7
Party-EXP 8 Players:x1.8

Each character has three creations-skills in its Basic-Job. These skills needs items called "Impure Potions", while the needed amount depends on your skilllevel as well as the result. "Impure Life Potion" and "Impure Mana Potion" can be received by a combination of roots/"Wurzeln" with empty potions/"Leeren Reagenzgläsern" (can be bought at any usual merchant). Roots/Wurzeln can be received by collecting plants, which are spawning in Manazone (see Dungeonmanager) "Impure Speed Potions" are the result of a combination of "leeren Reagenzglas" with 1x "Pulver des Reflexstein", 1x "Pulver des Geistersteins" and 1x "Pulver des Adrenalinsteins". You can find those stones near Horizon, Laksy Anchor and Katan as well as in the Manazone.

On Underworld cards drop primary by their own kind, so Orc by Orc, Angel by Angel,White Dragon by White Dragon etc. Drops of T4 and above are announced in global chat. Non-Petcard-Monster like Lapika, Luminous, etc. can drop a petcard fragment with a lower chance while the rarity depends on their monsterlevel (high monster = more rare card) - T6 pets can not be received by this way, but they can drop by bosses. Also the ice maiden is a tameable monster here and can be found on "Kaia Lake". There are NO soulpets. In the boxes of the altar are not complete cards, but fragments of cards. If you have enough fragments you can combine them to get a ticket for the farm-map.

All around Gaia you can meet monsters called "Iron Guard", who are controlling several areas.
But they like to try comparing their vitality with a players strength!
If you successfully defeat one of them, he drops a random worldbuff-item:
Gaias Segen: Lied des Kampfes
Gaias Segen: Reinigung der Seele
Gaias Segen: Fortunas Berührung
Serversegen: Kreaturenkarte Jagen
Serversegen: Fortschreitende Kreatur

Those buffs have a duration of 1 hours. The respawntime of the Iron Guards is 1,5 hours.
With some informations, @Godgory created a map to have some insight in their spawn-areas:

This server offers the possibility to have any monster as lootpet. For this you need to have a card called "Lootpet Card", which you can by at "Underworld's Merchant" in creature-section for arena-points. and to use a skill "Lootpet Taming". With a chance of 10% you get a successful tame. A Video for demonstration you can find here: https://youtu.be/5QqD1wvLN4I

To make it easier for players finding cards for their own class, I've implemented class-specific skillcard-boxes.
That means you'll only get skillcards of the class displayed on the icon, including each pre-jobs.
Skill card boxes can be opened in bulk in the combination window.

I've reworked the quest-system/added a separate reward-system.
For each finished quest you'll get 1-100 Arena points
and also a fix percentage of EXP to your next level.

These percentages are splitted in....
R1 -> 10%
R2 -> 9%
R3 -> 7%
R4 -> 5%
R5 -> 4%
R6 -> 3%
R7 (150-160) -> 1%
R7 160+ -> 1%
This value is additional and always depends on the level you have when you submit it!
(not when you received it)
With 155+ the Exp quest bonus is only active while quest event is running!

Additionally there's a chance of 10% that you also gain 50-100 holicpoints

Basic-Capacity of chaosstone: 1000 Chaos
You'll be able to up your chaosstone on your own
if you bring a full chaosstone to any laktrader.
He levels your chaosstone up your chaosstone in exchange of a full one.
This works until your chaosstone is lv10.
Same system with enhancing your chaosstone to +10.
if you have character level 150+, you'll be even able to expand it to +20.
Additionally you have the possibility to receive a portable Lak-Storage and a transmitter by any Laktrader.

The Storage has three stages: Bronze, Silver and Gold.
(At the moment I made only the bronze one available)
The capacity depends on the stage of your storage.
By using the Lak-Transmitter your full lak-loading will be transfered into the storage.
You can use those also for refilling soulstones and trading it vs rupees,
but there are also other special options possible...

If you trade Lak for rupees from your Lak Storage, then you'll get a really lesser amount than trading direcly out of your chaosstone!

On whole Underworld durability-equipment (except bosscards) are vanished completely.
Instead, you now get equipment pieces by Strong Monsters or Bosses.
- so you basically drop only old stat equipment!
Introducing the new social jobs "Weapon-Blacksmith" and "Armor-Blacksmith"
there are two side occupations that can make legendary items with certain shards.
These are worn out over time
and must be identified with a Grimoire
which Underworlds Merchants offer under "appreciation".
However, this new type of identification also opened up possibilities
and revealed powers as they would have been unimaginable years ago .... (more Information read "Growing Equipment")

Ergon cratos equipment only drops in Espoir and is downgraded to rank 6 equipment with a setbonus of half of White Dragon setbonus.
In Temple of Ancients there will only drop Equipment of white dragon (Lv.150),
in Temple of lost Souls will only drop Equipment of black dragon (ab Lv.155),
and in Temple of Exile you'll drop equipment of blue dragon(Lv.155).
Masterclass-Equipment currently is not dropable,
but it will be wearable with 160+ - with edited stats of course.
Masterclass beltsets are dropable in Cube-Dungeon.

To give some more feeling like you had it with dura-gear, I've decided to offer an option where you can upgrade the quality of your equipable gear. This way you can upgrade your standard crafted/dropped gear with a Common Rune to "Common" Quality, from "Common" you can upgrade it with a Rare Rune to "Rare" quality, and from there with a legendary Rune to Legendary Quality. This also affects the enhance stats of your equipment : Standard -> 100% Common -> 130% Rare -> 230% Legendary -> 330% Common and Rare Runes you can get from champ/elite-monsters and from Dungeon mobs, while you get more Rare Runes and the chance of legendary ones in hidden Dungeons & their bosses.

The fact that rare pets are not that easy to get here,
and because I'd like to make the basic-pets more interesting again,
I've changed belt-abilities of pantera, tortus and poultry to fully random ones!
As said, they're random, but with a "creature-potion of oblivion" their knowledge can be resetted,
so they can get other belt-skills instead then.
Possibile Abilities are:

for first beltskill

Creature-Ability: Strength
Creature-Ability: Vitality
Creature-Ability: Agility
Creature-Ability: Dexterity
Creature-Ability: Intelligence
Creature-Ability: Wisdom
Creature-Ability: Luck
Creature-Ability: Strength&Vitality
Creature-Ability: Vitality&Wisdom
Creature-Ability: Intelligence&Wisdom
Creature-Ability: Intelligence&Vitality
Creature-Ability: Dexterity&Agility
Creature-Ability: Strength&Intelligence
Creature-Ability: Dexterity&Vitality
Creature-Ability: Agility&Vitality

for second beltskill

Creature-Ability: Attack
Creature-Ability: Defense
Creature-Ability: M.Attack
Creature-Ability: Attack&M.Attack
Creature-Ability: Attackspeed
Creature-Ability: Castspeed
Creature-Ability: Accuracy
Creature-Ability: M.Accuracy
Creature-Ability: Evasion
Creature-Ability: m.Resistence
Creature-Ability: Attack&Defense
Creature-Ability: M.Attack&Defense
Creature-Ability: Defense&M.Defense
Creature-Ability: Attack&Attackspeed
Creature-Ability: Blockrate&Block-defense

On veiled Island you sometimes drop crystal fragments, which include might of races. You can collect them to trade these together with some Lak/Chaos vs special items, but you can also use them to get special buffs. Using them adds a fog around you, which gives more resistence/defense against the specific race, told by fragment for a hour. This power stacks up to 3 times by using the crystal more than one time!

There's a system implemented that counts the count of killed mobs of the current day. Depending on these kills there will be some rewards at specific limits. The killcounter resets each day.
At Scroll Merchant in HV you can buy a specific item to display your current counter.

Usually growth-potion gives 200% of basic-exp-value. To stay with my concept, I've changed the value down to 100%, so the actual calculation on potions is now: Exp = Basic-Exp + Basic-Exp* 100% (Stamina) + Basic-Exp*100% (growth) For same reason I've changed the red farm quest, the witchquests, Sanctuary quest and masterclas-Quest downto 1/5 of usual exp-reward. Ice Maiden Quest is limited to 145+, while masterclass-Quest is now set to 155+! I don't care if you hate me for this, my name already tells that I'm devilish.

There are NO annihilation-soulstones.
Instead of those you can get luck-stones.
MP-Reg-stones also increase MP-Regen-Ratio, and M.Def-Stones increase additionally m.res .
Teardrops are limited on 150+ because of their strength, while enhanced ones can be received by comining normal teardrops - those are limited to 165+.
Likewise, there is now the ability to turn Soul Stones into Soulstone Powder through dismantle, which is used by the social job of the "Alchemist"!

As already stated somewhere above, "ancient" equipment can only be found undefined. You can identify it by enhancing with a "Grimoire", and with "Coins of the Blacksmith-Alliance" the "Arcane Researcher of Relics" can improve your equipment. Basic-Stats of this equipment are still stats like the usual non-dura-items, but have some small additional fix effects. First optiona stats you'll get by identification are always +1 or +2: Weapons: p.Attack & m.Attack Armor: p.Def. & m.Def Gloves: Attackspeed & Castspeed Boots: Movespeed & Evasion Improving: By submitting fitting jewels to the Researcher of Relics your stats can increase additionally to your already achieved ones. These values can maximally reach: 1h Weapons, Armors: playerlevel/maxlevel of itemrank * 6 2h Weapons:playerlevel/maxlevel of itemrank * 6 Gloves,Boots:playerlevel/maxlevel of itemrank * 0.5 Calculation for each additional try: 1h Weapons, Armors: (value between 1 and 3) * rank of player 2h weapons: (value between 2 and 6) * rank of player Gloves,Boots: value between 1 and 2

On Underworld it is possible to acquire any Jewel (not just the Jewel of the Universe or the Stone of Anger) in permanent and in timed.
With an additional innovation!
The pieces that improve the weapon are tied to the rank of your weapon and adds different values!
This is a preventative measure so that there is no excessive boost in low levelranges.
Because of that the ranges are now the following ones:
Rang : One handed | Two handed
R2: +1 - +50 | +1 - +100
R3: +1 - +100 | +1 - +200
R4: +1 - +150 | +1 - +300
R5: +1 - +250 | +1 - +500
R6: +1 - +375 | +1 - +750
R7: +1 - +500 | +1 - +1000

I've developed now a version where both pets get buffs like the buffdaddy buff.
Additionally, all permanent eventbuffs will also be added to your pet automatically! :-)

The old buffclasses are gone. These classes got now some passiva instead, which boost the character in an equal way as the buffs would do - but only that one character. Instead by these classes you can get those buffs now via some items called "Sphere of Buffdemon". It requires some Lak, and depending on your current job it will create you a Buffdemon. This buffdemon stores a skill, which will cast through your character to you & all around you the buff which the stored skill would add. The power of the skill as well as the cost for it depend as said on your current character's job. You can read more about it in their tooltips.

It's possible on our server - well, necessary - that you have to set your statpoints by yourself, which allows you individualize your character!
You can get these points by leveling up your joblevel.
If you want to set free statpoints you can open your Character-Stat-window and open the free statpoint-window from there.
If you reset your job or change your race, then your points will also be resetted.

If needed, you can also check out demo-video here:

You get available points for your joblevel as you can read in this table:

Durability of enhanced creatures is increased:
Stage 1 -> 40
Stage 2 -> 35
Stage 3 -> 30
Stage 4 -> 25
Stage 5 -> 20

On Underworld Server there is no luna-chip-skill in skilltrees anymore.
Instead you have to trade/buy them from Laktrader as it was normal on earlier epica.
Not very much difference to that, except one thing: the efficience.
Force Chip: Increases damage of physical attacks by 75%
Soul Chip: Increases damage of magical attacks by 75%
Lunachip: Increases physical & magical damage by 50%

Many are tired of not knowing when a dungeon boss returns for a quest.
For this reason, there is now the so-called "Bossticker" at each boss.
If a boss is not there,this nice sign tells you when he will be available again.

There is no second version of the Moonlight, Lost Mines, Crystal Valley and Palmir Plateau anymore!
Instead, the underground dungeons were taken out of their instances and rebuilt as open dungeons with edited monsters.
These can also be taken by raids and sieges! ;-)

Other changes in this topic are the Dungeons of Veiled Island.
In ToA "White Dragon - Fafnir" now joined in addition to Betrayal.
In ToLS is now "Black Dragon - Bahamut" as the final boss,
and in ToE, "Sanddragon - Tiamat" replaces the position of the boss.
The previous bosses have been changed to Middle Bosses and are located in the respective cathedral!
You can see a short video of them here:

Each guild can buy a Guild Zone at Guild Manager NPC.
This zone-instance is only enterable for this specific guild and includes several NPCs with supporting options for your guild.

Additionally each guild zone includes a guild mine where you can obtain different materials to upgrade your guild features.

On this server there is a variety of wings that are available for arena points.
These all start with the same value, but can be strengthened by additional items in the same shop!
you can see a video of enhancing them here:

At the start of the weekend, an automatic event is triggered every Friday afternoon, which lasts until Monday morning.
The following options are currently available:
- Tame-Event: x1.2
- JP- & EXP-Event: x1.4
- Tame-, JP- & EXP-Event: x1.25 / x1.1(Tame)
- Equip Enhance Event: x1.25
- Creature Enhance Event: x1.25
- Skillcard Enhance Event: x1.25
- Skillcard&Equip&Creature Enhance Event: x1.1

In connection with the pet card drop system, a farm zone was set up especially for farming pet cards.
To enter this area you need a farm ticket.
But not just any farm ticket, either one that matches the monster whose card you want to farm,
or one that matches the rarity of the card you want!
The Monster Art ticket is preferred.
The stay is limited to 15 minutes.
The tickets for this can (currently) only be assembled from pet card fragments.

The direct looting system was designed to give the server and client some performance.
Most of the drops no longer drop on the ground, but are distributed directly to the respective player(s).
The distribution system is maintained in the same way as with conventional looting.

An upgrading system was implemented to make the storage a little more variable.
By default, the storage now has a base of 400 slots, which the Storage Upgrade Items can increase by a certain number of slots.
You can find a video about it here:

A special feature was also created for the tooltip of the items:
A reduction in item stats, which can be shown by holding down the CTRL key and automatically hidden on release.
This feature is now integrated into all item tooltip windows.A special feature was also created for the tooltip of the items:
A reduction in item stats, which can be shown by holding down the CTRL key and automatically hidden on release.
This feature is now integrated into all item tooltip windows.

A somewhat older built-in feature of these files is the expansion of the buff bar to 4x15 buffs.
3 lines of positive buffs and 1 line of debuffs.

To make the gameplay a bit more lag-free for some, we decided to redesign the Lak display option.
You can now enable or disable Lak's Animation from the options window

Since the baseline of these files is 9.1, there was no mighty awakening.
It has been recreated, but not 100% as it is on the official server.








There is now only ONE template for artifacts per pet instead of the previous 11 ones.
This template as such doesn't contain any effect.
Through enhancing with alloys, which you can create at Creature Enchanter for 7000 Lak, you can apply the effect of the alloy onto the artifact-template. ( a one-time-process!)