Patchnotes 2024-01-14

- you can drop now "Coin of Soulhort" in Soulhort of Infinity Dungeon with a low chance
-> those coins can be traded for masterclass-gear at Elemntal Soul at Entrance of Soulhort
-> trading option at blacksmith is now removed in that context

Patchnotes 2024-01-13

- "Very Rare" Soulstones removed from R7 fieldmob drops
- the lottery has been revised and now awards additional new gifts (buffs & items), including empty T4-T6 cards, T-Pro Lucky Box, Blessed Awakening Stones. The chances have been set low according to the value. Previous items now have a higher chance of being drawn! Likewise, the chance of buffs has been increased, and the overall chance of drawing a dud has been reduced.
Jackpot is now an empty Carbuncle Card instead of rupees.
Edit: Jackpot is now a tamed Stage 0 Koala/Carbuncle

Patchnotes 2024-01-11

- Small additional monsters have been added, with a 1% chance of spawning when collecting materials
-> "These monsters have an increased chance of dropping materials and a higher quantity of materials, and they also yield a significant amount of Lak

Patchnotes 2024-01-10

- Ring of Endairon added +5 Level to Smite by mistake -> removed (Funfact: still adds +5 levels on retail... )
- you can now use multiple same farmtickets at once; you can select now what kind of ticket and how much you wanna use - but you cannot use them together! If you leave the farm instance (e.g. through disconnection) you can simply enter the same monsterfarm again with using the 1-Ticket-Option (it actually doesn't use a ticket in this case!)

Patchnotes 2024-01-09

- Three new items can now drop from monsters in the Ocean Crater: Piece of Meteorite, Piece of Meteorite Crystal, Crater Diamond, but with a low probability
- These materials can be used to craft a Chaos Stone, which has a higher capacity (+25% ), provides additional stats, and will have further upgrade possibilities in the future. (50x Piece of Meteorite + 40x Piece of Meteorite Crystal + 1x Crater Diamond = Meteorite Stone)

Patchnotes 2024-01-08

- characters and creatures were sometimes weirdly highlighted because of a rendering issue -> fixed

Patchnotes 2024-01-06

- amount of Monsters in Ocean Crater got increased ( will be adjusted manually over time )

Patchnotes 2024-01-05

- The NPCs on the crater map have been named (unfortunately, only partially according to suggestions; it was meant to be actual NAMES, not descriptions), but they are not yet final

Patchnotes 2024-01-03

- Guild Zone features can now only be unlocked from Guild Leader or Vice Leader

Patchnotes 2023-12-31

- Nusylite Gloves & Bootsk├Ânnen can now be used with Power of Skillchange
- Fluminis Gloves & Bootsk├Ânnen can now be used with Power of Skillchange

Patchnotes 2023-12-30

- "Murderous Intent" Duration adjusted: Gives now buff with duration skilllevel * 3 minutes ( so on lv10 it's 30 Minutes)

Patchnotes 2023-12-29

- "Black Scale Piece" can now be dropped in Devildom from bosses in stages 4-6
- "Devil Orb" can now drop from Reviac with a very small chance

Patchnotes 2023-12-28

- new bosscards implemented for: Loreley, Fafnir, Bahamut,Tiamat, Laticia, Ramiris, Beryllian, Tharokai, Zarkul, Pericula, Arlac
-> these bosscards have only stats for now, effects might follow or replace some of those stats partially, also the image when right clicking is incorrect atm
-> atm no collections for those cards are available - will be implemented later
- two Quests in Meranosa weren't finishable -> fixed

Patchnotes 2023-12-26

- Teleporter script is currently being modified; if issues arise, please report them as bugs.
- "Meranosa" can now be accessed via teleportation, but I advise against going there before level 170 - the monsters are tough. (free4all Map!!! only party member don't get damaged by you)
-> The NPCs do not have names yet; name suggestions can be discussed. Currently, for debugging purposes, they are empty strings (so please don't report this... xD).
-> There is currently only a small quest series for levels 175+ in Meranosa; there hasn't been time for more. More quests will follow!
-> monster strength is compareable with RotA-Monsters

Patchnotes 2023-12-25

- When multiple stacks were in the decomposition window, removing an item from the window caused all other slots to be set to a quantity of 1 -> fixed.

Patchnotes 2023-12-24

- when exchanging Parallelworld-/Nusylite-armor into next one results now in a job-specific one
- those armors can now also be used with Power of Skillchange
- those who wear a universal armor of Nusylite/Fluminis will get directly converted ones of their job
-> a solution for your pets is in development

Since it seems it wasn't clear: Changing from universal to job-specific also includes adjusting the armor stats ??for the job, just as with all other armors.

Patchnotes 2023-12-19

- Boss animation fixed in the Ocean Crater.
- created a small quest series in the Ocean Crater (more to follow)
- Ocean Crater will soon be open for entry (will take approximately 2 more days until I deem it ready for release)
-> The Ocean Crater includes a city as well as a village, which currently doesn't have a major function
-> Here, equipment and some pet cards can be farmed, including the Karfunkel/Koala (empty, of course) with a very low probability
-> EXP and JP are intentionally kept low; you can surely imagine why
-> in near future, new drops will be added in addition to the existing ones, which will enhance and personalize your decoration items a bit more
-> the bosses' strength and their skills may be revised again

I kindly ask for your understanding that, due to personal reasons, I am not progressing as quickly as anticipated...

Patchnotes 2023-12-15

- "Smoke Bomb" (Slayer) changed: Range increased from 3 to 9 m
- "Phase Blades" (Slayer) changed: % m.Penetration removed and added to %p.Penetration, added 0,5% per level
- Rank 8 Ancient Cubes & Altered Ancient Cubes got implemented
- Rank 8 e-Protect and ancient elements got added to Underworld Merchant

Patchnotes 2023-12-12

- minor changes/improvements
- in character stat window will now the already used statpoints displayed in their current selection

Patchnotes 2023-12-07

- crystal glasses have now an upgrade option:
- Standard Crystal Glasses in Main Slot + 10x Ancient Ore in sub-slot -> 30% Chance to upgrade to Crystal Glasses Stufe 1
- Crystal Glasses Stage 1 in Main Slot + 20x Ancient Ore in sub-slot + 1x Standard Crystal Glasses in sub-slot-> 25% Chance to upgrade to Crystal Glasses Stage 2
- Crystal Glasses Stage 2 in Main Slot + 30x Ancient Ore in sub-slot + 1x Crystal Glasses Stage 1 in sub-slot-> 20% Chance to upgrade to Crystal Glasses Stage 3
- Crystal Glasses Stage 3 in Main Slot + 40x Ancient Ore in sub-slot + 1x Crystal Glasses Stage 2 in sub-slot-> 15% Chance to upgrade to Crystal Glasses Stage 4
- Crystal Glasses Stage 4 in Main Slot + 50x Ancient Ore in sub-slot + 1x Crystal Glasses Stage 3 in sub-slot-> 10% Chance to upgrade to Crystal Glasses Stage 5
- weight of Crystal glasses reduced from 100 to 5