Patchnotes 2024-04-06

- all "old" Pets can learn now 2 levels of "Strength of order", "Strength of Nature","Strength of Chaos","Resistance from chaos","Resistance from Nature" per stage
- Crystals of Devildom drop (well, they did already anyway up to DD3 ) in higher amounts as higher the stage
- Devil Orb Item had no icon -> fixed
- Skill for lv160 and 165 of Kenta & Sala didn't have an Icon -> fixed
- Easter Bunny Bosses spawn now directly near to the entrance instead over the whole map (will be active after next restart )
-> now active
- corrected a few texts

Patchnotes 2024-04-05

- all "old" Pets T2 - T6 got now an AoE-skill for level 165 which is skillable up to level5; the debuff will be changed somewhen today related to the pet - atm they all decrase p.def
- Edit: Debuffs of 165th Skills got individually adjusted
- Lv 180 Vulcanos-Stage added ( active after next restart )
- "Inorganic Resistance","Organic Resistance","Elemental Resistance", "Defense Mastery" (Masterbreeder) are now AoE-Buffskills as well

Patchnotes 2024-04-04

- Styx Opening Times got slightly changed to: 2 AM, 8 AM, 2 PM and 8 PM **Servertime**

Patchnotes 2024-03-31

- few text issues related to buffs from lottery fixed
- few text issues in effect texts fixed
- "Onslaught" (Templar) adjusted again ( values overworked a bit)
- NPC Itemexpert offers now an exchange option to trade Worldbuffs, standard rate is 3:1

Patchnotes 2024-03-30

- "Glacial Whorl" was targeting everything except enemies ( :kekw: ) : fixed
- "Onslaught" didn't increase correct stats : fixed
- "Devout Fury" changed back to p.def
- Boss Rabbit in R8 Easter Dungeon was 165 -> got increased to 185
- now instead of Mana/HP scrolls, Clean scrolls drop. Combine these 1:1 with a blue or red potion to obtain a corresponding scroll (mass combination possible)! HP/MP received through the scrolls will be adjusted in the coming days
- you can decompose now old HP/MP scrolls to get back 0-1 Clean Scrolls (atm. it's safe 1, since the current coding doesn't allow 0...)

Patchnotes 2024-03-29

- Bear Skin Belt as well as Yushiva's Belt still had their original enhancement stats (which scaled a bit high with rune-system) - fixed (Edit: Yushivas Beltstats got a bit increased. Be aware it is a FIX not a NERF...everything above the adjustment before is already a bonus)
- progress on hell dungeon was made, even if still not fully finished yet...
- "Envenomed Weapons" changed: p.atk of dual weapon is now included as well
- "Glacial Whorl" (Masterbreeder) changed: AoE around your target, DoT scales now with skillcard, Debuff Effect as well.
DoT damage slightly increased
- "Epidemic" (Corruptor) changed: reduces cooldown of Soul Plague by 4 Sekunden per Level instead of 3
- "Reflecting Shield" (Gnoll) changed: Duration is now 1,5 Minutes per Skilllevel, Buff can be removed via doubleclick
- "Fear Trap" (Corruptor) changed: Effecttype updated and adjusted; Range identical, damage depends now on user's m.atk, skillcard effect as well
- "Zephyr Strike" (Berserker) changed: direct damage per level reduced a bit, damage per DoT-Tick slightly reduced as well
- "Devout Fury" (Templar) changed: increases now atk-speed and castspeed instead of p.defence
- "Onslaught" (Templar) changed: increases now p.Atk/m.Atk by %, s well as % Penetration
- "Spirit Link" (Beast Master) changed: scaling for m.atk changed to 10% of strength and intelligence of your creature instead of 3% of its strength
- easter event started (as every year) (see #??events-en )
Post Addendum:
- Rank 8 Eastermap-Instance added

Patchnotes 2024-03-23

- Taming Event ( Beta ) activated for testing until tomorrow evening
-> each successful tame of a T2 - T6 pet has a Chance to receive a Strange Egg as well
-> Chance depends on the rarity of the tamed pet
T2 = 2%
T3 = 4,5%
T4 = 9%
T5 = 20%
T6 = 40%
-> Strange Eggs will give you a random tamed pet when they expire
- double clicking shattered card will show now in Chat how many boxes you got

Patchnotes 2024-03-17

- in Distorted Space dungeon you can drop now a "Coin of distorted Space"
-> these coins can be traded at any Special Investigator for a general "Power of Skillchange", further items are planned to be added (Infos to this Power of Skillchange here: https://discord.com/channels/960300375481651230/960549192563060766/1217059561454960712 )

Sidenote: ANY monster in that dungeon can drop the coin

Patchnotes 2024-03-16

- Continued work on the Hellmouth, created new drops for it
-> New weapons will be craftable (equippable at level 185)
-> Materials drop in the Hellmouth, island-weapon is combined clean to specify the type of weapon
-> Attack/shield upgrade bonuses are 20% higher than those of the island weapons

- Option implemented to hold special taming events, where a successful tame will be the trigger
- Iron Guard-Quest wasn't finishable -> fixed

Patchnotes 2024-03-15

- 10 new titles added
Little Whirlwind -> Tame a Windy Pixi
Shiny Hunter -> Have a staged Windy Pixi Evo1 in your Formation
Guiding Light -> Tame an Ethereal Pixi
Violet Hunter -> Have a staged Ethereal Pixi Evo1 in your Formation
Woodland Friend -> Tame a Forest Pixi
Hard Diamond -> Tame a Crystal Golem
Tough but kind-hearted -> Have a staged Crystal Golem Evo1 in your Formation
Malicious Sword -> Tame a Slaughterer
Hack and Slash -> Have a staged Slaughterer Evo1 in your Formation
Itsy Bitsy Spider -> Tame a Crystal Spider
Taming Titles won't reactivate themselves, a new taming is required to trigger achieving them.

Edit: New titles weren't achieved through success but through fail -> fixed...

Patchnotes 2024-03-12

- an issue where the effect of the next skilllevel wasn't displayed in skilltree, under specific circumstances, was fixed ( VibraDragon-Update)
- Coin of distorted Space get implemented (doesn't drop yet)
-> you can exchange these coins at any Special Investigator for a general "Power of Skillchange"; this one exchanges your skill on your selected distorted space equipment with another random one, fitting to your equipment-class ( e.g. only summoner skills on summoner equipment )
- "Yushiva's Stone" dropchance increased a bit

Patchnotes 2024-03-11

- yushiva belts, except the standard one, had a bug in their effects -> fixed, Effect tooltip added now as well

Patchnotes 2024-03-10

- R8 Chips added to Laktrader Shop, Laktrader Shop got sorted in this context as well
- "Occultism" (Corruptor) counts now as magical skill
- "Apostle of Darkness" (Void Mage) changed: Increasement calculates now as following : 5% + Skilllevel*5%
- "Heaven and Hell" (High Priest) changed: is now a passive skill increasing intelligence and wisdom by 3,5%
- "Kismet" (High Priest) changed: increases now the effect of "Heaven and Hell" Skill by +1% per level
- "Heaven and Hell" skillcard got removed from skillcard-boxes

Patchnotes 2024-03-05

- new Option added to Administrator Ina "Gegenstände kaufen" ( Purchase items )
-> in this section you can buy items for Lak from your lak storage
-> atm you can only buy Yushiva's Belt Extractor there
-> atm 70% only in german, will be translated soon

Patchnotes 2024-03-03

- all creatures' skills cost now 1 JP
- work in background...

Patchnotes 2024-03-02

- work on "old" pets in progress:
-> each pet (except T1) will receive 7 new skills; it'll follow this pattern:
160: Passive, defense ignore/penetration
165: Active, AoE with Debuff
170: Passive + Activ (Single Target)
175: Active ( Stat-Toggle )
180: Passive (increases p/m.atk oor anything like that)
185: Active (AoE + DoT)
-> for starting it I've added now already the lv160 skill for every pet this night & created + patched already all other icons as well...tbh I wasn't motivated doing more for now after 7h work on that through the night

Patchnotes 2024-03-01

- "Mana Shield" (White Dragon) changed: is now a toggle, Bufflevel is now 1,5* Skilllevel, Cooldown set to 1 second, consumes basically 50 MP per 5 seconds, each Skilllevel reduces it by 2
- "Alpha-Mode","Beta-Mode","Gamma-Mode"-Toggle (Drillbot) can now be used simultaniously, only the stat-buff will be buffed, range increased from 15 to 25m
- "Alpha-Mode","Beta-Mode","Gamma-Mode"-Skills don't require any stacks anymore

Patchnotes 2024-02-29

- further progress with "Hellmouth Gaias", first tests with players were made
-> monster in that dungeon got their names now
- Itemdrop-chatmessages of party member aren't stated as *Party Member /"XYZ"/* anymore, just*XYZ* ( so just the name, drop can be only by you or party member anyway...)
- Itemdropchance in Meranosa corrected, seems I've switched some numbers there somehow with one of the last updates
- non-learned skills will be shown in skilltree now with their correct icon, just darkened
( VibraDragon Update, so your antivir-prog might bitch around )

Patchnotes 2024-02-28

- Texts of Smith Tarun related to the old nusylite armor is now multilingual
- Bufftooltips like "Spirit of Fire" will get an overwork & will be generated same as the skill tooltip of Masterful Heed of the Conjuror -> currently in testing, will require a VibraDragon-Patch then
- monsters in UG dungeons can now be tamed with a fitting empty card

Patchnotes 2024-02-26

- Rank 8 Amalgam & Invar added
-> Rank 8 Equipment can now be enhanced up to +25
- Icons of Invar & Amalgam exchanged

Patchnotes 2024-02-24

Those who insisted on keeping the old Nusylite armor now find themselves at a disadvantage - but there was ample time to exchange it...
- The old universal Nusylite armor has been changed to rank 8 armor "False Nusylite Armor," which doesn't have a set bonus and has lower upgrade bonuses than the normal Nusylite armor.
-> This armor is intended solely as enhancement material for rank 8 equipment!
-> Can be crafted through the combination of specific items

Edit: You'll receive now a new item when combining these ones.
Your old universal Nusylite Armor can be exchanged at Smith Tarun in Katan to a job specified one!
Text is atm only available in english, since I coded it in haste.

Patchnotes 2024-02-18

- "Offense Breaker" (Knight) changed: Single Target -> AoE with 5m Range (testing if it helps to keep aggro better...)
- "Defense Breaker" (Ritter) changed: Single Target -> AoE with 5m Range (testing if it helps to keep aggro better...)
- "Wild Stream" (Soldier) changed: DoT ticks now each second instead of each 2nd second, damage of DoT increases now with skillcard as well
- "Clown's Sociability" (Joker) Tooltip fixed
- following skills got their AoE-range displayed in tooltip now as well:
Splash Thunder
Huge Rock Fall
Divine Nova
Eternal Pillar of Fire
Heaven's Breaker
Vacuum Shockwave
Blazing Light
Luster Impact
Blazing Storm
Flame Nova
Arctic Blast
Windy Confinement
Fire Bird
Storm of Light
Diseased Strike
Shining Cross
- available slots for staged creatures slightly changed (after next restart as well):
S1 -> 3
S2 -> 3
S3 -> 4
S4 -> 5
S5 -> 6
- altered pieces can be used on pets now

Changes related to those might follow!

Patchnotes 2024-02-17

- new mount "Arachnor" got added to mount shop & CS (in Cs inactive now)
- Amplifying of creature stats got adjusted as follows:
S1 3% -> 4%
S2 6% -> 9%
S3 10% -> 15%
S4 14% -> 22%
S5 22% -> 30%
- 6. Equipment slot for creatures got unlocked for S5 pets for another artifact - for now
- Reviac-gear got an esthetic upgrade, the old design will be used for R8 food equipment, which will have some lower values than the set-equipment
- "Hellmouth Gaia's" (180+) Instancedungeon in progress. System behind it got optimized over the whole day & is functional now - creating of drops and adjusting monster-strength still required, probably using the new instance system i've created

Those changes will be active after next restart.

Patchnotes 2024-02-11

- Valentine's-Event implemented
- new mount "Myrbious" (permanent) in CS added; riding speed is identical to riding speed of Orion/Searena/Lasiquide
- "Fortune Clover"-Buff changed: related to future developing the buff got decreased from +50% to+30% per stage (since it's additional to Lucky Potion etc, it's always a gain )
- Chocolate-Eventitem Cooldowns reduced from 60 to 15 seconds

Patchnotes 2024-02-10

- Deco-Upgrade to Rank 8 for AP-Wings to AP-Merchant added
- AP-Wings Rank 8 added
- Booster - Jumpattack removed, in quest replaced with Growth potion
- Monsterkill-Rewards partially overworked, reward for 20k Kills and 12,5k Kills added
- VibraDragon was patched ( Timestamp of messages in chat added, so you know how long was a peaceful silence xD)
- new mount "Orion" added to mount shop, thanks to @alucard1262 for providing the modell

Patchnotes 2024-02-08

- issue in reward-message of lottery fixed
- New Emblem available in donation shop
- New creature skins available at creature enchanter's shop & donation shop
- preparations for some alternative to DD4+ in progress

Patchnotes 2024-02-04

- "Soulhort" (Map) overworked: Terrain edited, many textures changed, Spawnboxes added, some old Spawnboxes splitted
- Farmzone got now finally a minimap
- "Putrefy" removed from Corruptor Skillcardboxes
- "Fortune Clover" (Koala) changed: Cooldown set to 1,5h
- "Wild Instinct" (Deadeye) changed: Convert-Rate increased from 75% to 125%
- Altar-Decoration is now tradeable
- Donationbuff-activation fixed
- Point Rewards on Old Trainees Island increased ( from 21-23% to 41-43%), amount of boxes when finishing successfully changed from 2 to 3 (active after next restart)

Patchnotes 2024-02-03

- "Slaughterer's Spirit" is new available at creature enchanter
- "Slaughterer: Artifact" added
- additional donation-options to Banned Angel added ( related to quantity)

Patchnotes 2024-02-02

- due to the serverrestart the bosses Zarkul and Tharokai are roaming around the Blight Ogre/Battle Slaughterer Area

Patchnotes 2024-01-30

- Impact Amplifier& Mirror Amplifier Effects can now be removed by doubleclicking the buff in your bufflist
**ATTENTION!** Buffs which are removed that way won't be compensated! Buffs through your equipable Chips are not really affected by it, so it doesn't matter for them

Patchnotes 2024-01-28

- some wings got now already a minor movement-animation ( thanks to @alucard1262 for the whole day further training )
- Animation of Setbonus-Buffs of T1-T3 sets edited ( middlepart was actually bugged)
- Yeti Evo 3 staged skin overworked

Patchnotes 2024-01-27

- Effects which increase more skills get also now a correct effecttext-generating
- DD1-DD2 Bosscards got now their correct effects
- Vulcanos Collection displays now increased skill

VibraDragon-Update required...your antivir-prog might hate it, as always, so be prepared to add it as exception again.

- charge-options overworked (got a bit more bonuspoints now)
- issue with damage calculation on Dungeon Cores fixed

Patchnotes 2024-01-26

- Hispo, the Abomination has now a bit less attackspeed ( was indeed slightly too high )
- Bosscards of DD1-DD2 Bosses added to droptable
- "Prominence Burst" (Wind pixie) changed: hate-factor changed

Patchnotes 2024-01-22

- fixed an issue where equipable chips were stackable & which caused expiration-bugs under specific circumstances

Patchnotes 2024-01-21

- removed some dumb banword-list-entries...

Patchnotes 2024-01-20

- "Symbiosis" ( War Kahuna) changed: Percentage increased from 7 to 20 % per level
- "Merciless" (War Kahuna) changed: converting of Luck to critchance removed, increases now p./m.defense ignore by 75% Luck per Level
- "Master of Threatening" (Templar) changed: amplifies hate by 25% per Level instead of 17,5%
- "Judgment of the Goddess" (Mercenary) changed: DoT is now related to p.atk of user, Skilldamage per Level icnreased
- "Dusk Gaze" (Slayer) changed: Instead of holding the User in place the user gets now the "Hiding"-Effect
- "Debilitating Blows" (Slayer) changed: redcues now additionally the p.atk/m.atk per stack by 2% ( max 3 stacks)
- "Veteran Senses" (Deadeye) changed: Effect of 20% per Level increased to 25%
- "Fervor Aura" (Overlord) changed: HP/MP-Increase replaced with small percentage increase of p.penetration and m.penetration (0,6% per Level + 0,3% per Skillcard+), Skillcard increases now the buff-effect

Patchnotes 2024-01-18

- "Domestication","Breeder's Synergy" changed: converted values are now calculated through combined strength and intelligence
- "Electric Synergy","Blood Synergy" changed: increase now p/m defense ignore by 15% per level as the other converter-skills of BM and MB do as well
- Bosse in Devildom adjusted a bit

Patchnotes 2024-01-16

- "Hiding" changed: doesn't reduce movespeed anymore
- Interface of targeted monsters, pets & NPCs edited; removed MP-gauge from pet- & monster-UI (since at least from monsters it doesn't change that much anyway); HP-Gauge got removed from NPCs
-> if the missing MP-gauge should make too much trouble I'll re-add it in a light-version again

Patchnotes 2024-01-15

- "Empowering Scent" changed: increases now also dexterity and agility, value got increased
- "Trait Mastery" changed: increases now agility & dexterity as well, value slightly increased
- "Mental Support" changed: renamed to "Agility Support", increases now Agility & Evasion instead of Wisdom & m.def
- "Bloody Aftermath" changed: increases p.Atk and additionally strength now by percentage per stack
- "Heat Shot" changed: DoT-Damage icnreased, direct damage slightly increased
- "Shadow Wound" changed: DoT-Damage increased, reduces now additionally the accuracy by percentage
- "Stopping Power" changed: Converts now 10% per Skilllevel instead of 2,5%
- "Cursed Arrow" changed: DoT-Damage is now related to the attackpower of the user
- "Two Handed Sword Expert" changed: renamed to "Two Handed Expert", increases now p.Atk by 0,75% per Level, Attackspeed by 1,5% per Level instead of 1%
- normal Monsters in Devildom ( Stage 4 - 6 ) reduced in their strength and HP, in exchange EXP and JP are adjusted

Patchnotes 2024-01-14

- you can drop now "Coin of Soulhort" in Soulhort of Infinity Dungeon with a low chance
-> those coins can be traded for masterclass-gear at Elemntal Soul at Entrance of Soulhort
-> trading option at blacksmith is now removed in that context

Patchnotes 2024-01-13

- "Very Rare" Soulstones removed from R7 fieldmob drops
- the lottery has been revised and now awards additional new gifts (buffs & items), including empty T4-T6 cards, T-Pro Lucky Box, Blessed Awakening Stones. The chances have been set low according to the value. Previous items now have a higher chance of being drawn! Likewise, the chance of buffs has been increased, and the overall chance of drawing a dud has been reduced.
Jackpot is now an empty Carbuncle Card instead of rupees.
Edit: Jackpot is now a tamed Stage 0 Koala/Carbuncle

Patchnotes 2024-01-11

- Small additional monsters have been added, with a 1% chance of spawning when collecting materials
-> "These monsters have an increased chance of dropping materials and a higher quantity of materials, and they also yield a significant amount of Lak

Patchnotes 2024-01-10

- Ring of Endairon added +5 Level to Smite by mistake -> removed (Funfact: still adds +5 levels on retail... )
- you can now use multiple same farmtickets at once; you can select now what kind of ticket and how much you wanna use - but you cannot use them together! If you leave the farm instance (e.g. through disconnection) you can simply enter the same monsterfarm again with using the 1-Ticket-Option (it actually doesn't use a ticket in this case!)

Patchnotes 2024-01-09

- Three new items can now drop from monsters in the Ocean Crater: Piece of Meteorite, Piece of Meteorite Crystal, Crater Diamond, but with a low probability
- These materials can be used to craft a Chaos Stone, which has a higher capacity (+25% ), provides additional stats, and will have further upgrade possibilities in the future. (50x Piece of Meteorite + 40x Piece of Meteorite Crystal + 1x Crater Diamond = Meteorite Stone)

Patchnotes 2024-01-08

- characters and creatures were sometimes weirdly highlighted because of a rendering issue -> fixed

Patchnotes 2024-01-06

- amount of Monsters in Ocean Crater got increased ( will be adjusted manually over time )

Patchnotes 2024-01-05

- The NPCs on the crater map have been named (unfortunately, only partially according to suggestions; it was meant to be actual NAMES, not descriptions), but they are not yet final

Patchnotes 2024-01-03

- Guild Zone features can now only be unlocked from Guild Leader or Vice Leader

Patchnotes 2023-12-31

- Nusylite Gloves & Bootskönnen can now be used with Power of Skillchange
- Fluminis Gloves & Bootskönnen can now be used with Power of Skillchange

Patchnotes 2023-12-30

- "Murderous Intent" Duration adjusted: Gives now buff with duration skilllevel * 3 minutes ( so on lv10 it's 30 Minutes)

Patchnotes 2023-12-29

- "Black Scale Piece" can now be dropped in Devildom from bosses in stages 4-6
- "Devil Orb" can now drop from Reviac with a very small chance

Patchnotes 2023-12-28

- new bosscards implemented for: Loreley, Fafnir, Bahamut,Tiamat, Laticia, Ramiris, Beryllian, Tharokai, Zarkul, Pericula, Arlac
-> these bosscards have only stats for now, effects might follow or replace some of those stats partially, also the image when right clicking is incorrect atm
-> atm no collections for those cards are available - will be implemented later
- two Quests in Meranosa weren't finishable -> fixed

Patchnotes 2023-12-26

- Teleporter script is currently being modified; if issues arise, please report them as bugs.
- "Meranosa" can now be accessed via teleportation, but I advise against going there before level 170 - the monsters are tough. (free4all Map!!! only party member don't get damaged by you)
-> The NPCs do not have names yet; name suggestions can be discussed. Currently, for debugging purposes, they are empty strings (so please don't report this... xD).
-> There is currently only a small quest series for levels 175+ in Meranosa; there hasn't been time for more. More quests will follow!
-> monster strength is compareable with RotA-Monsters

Patchnotes 2023-12-25

- When multiple stacks were in the decomposition window, removing an item from the window caused all other slots to be set to a quantity of 1 -> fixed.

Patchnotes 2023-12-24

- when exchanging Parallelworld-/Nusylite-armor into next one results now in a job-specific one
- those armors can now also be used with Power of Skillchange
- those who wear a universal armor of Nusylite/Fluminis will get directly converted ones of their job
-> a solution for your pets is in development

Since it seems it wasn't clear: Changing from universal to job-specific also includes adjusting the armor stats ??for the job, just as with all other armors.

Patchnotes 2023-12-19

- Boss animation fixed in the Ocean Crater.
- created a small quest series in the Ocean Crater (more to follow)
- Ocean Crater will soon be open for entry (will take approximately 2 more days until I deem it ready for release)
-> The Ocean Crater includes a city as well as a village, which currently doesn't have a major function
-> Here, equipment and some pet cards can be farmed, including the Karfunkel/Koala (empty, of course) with a very low probability
-> EXP and JP are intentionally kept low; you can surely imagine why
-> in near future, new drops will be added in addition to the existing ones, which will enhance and personalize your decoration items a bit more
-> the bosses' strength and their skills may be revised again

I kindly ask for your understanding that, due to personal reasons, I am not progressing as quickly as anticipated...

Patchnotes 2023-12-15

- "Smoke Bomb" (Slayer) changed: Range increased from 3 to 9 m
- "Phase Blades" (Slayer) changed: % m.Penetration removed and added to %p.Penetration, added 0,5% per level
- Rank 8 Ancient Cubes & Altered Ancient Cubes got implemented
- Rank 8 e-Protect and ancient elements got added to Underworld Merchant

Patchnotes 2023-12-12

- minor changes/improvements
- in character stat window will now the already used statpoints displayed in their current selection

Patchnotes 2023-12-07

- crystal glasses have now an upgrade option:
- Standard Crystal Glasses in Main Slot + 10x Ancient Ore in sub-slot -> 30% Chance to upgrade to Crystal Glasses Stufe 1
- Crystal Glasses Stage 1 in Main Slot + 20x Ancient Ore in sub-slot + 1x Standard Crystal Glasses in sub-slot-> 25% Chance to upgrade to Crystal Glasses Stage 2
- Crystal Glasses Stage 2 in Main Slot + 30x Ancient Ore in sub-slot + 1x Crystal Glasses Stage 1 in sub-slot-> 20% Chance to upgrade to Crystal Glasses Stage 3
- Crystal Glasses Stage 3 in Main Slot + 40x Ancient Ore in sub-slot + 1x Crystal Glasses Stage 2 in sub-slot-> 15% Chance to upgrade to Crystal Glasses Stage 4
- Crystal Glasses Stage 4 in Main Slot + 50x Ancient Ore in sub-slot + 1x Crystal Glasses Stage 3 in sub-slot-> 10% Chance to upgrade to Crystal Glasses Stage 5
- weight of Crystal glasses reduced from 100 to 5

Patchnotes 2023-12-06

- Bosses created for the new area, increased quantity of regular monsters in the new area
- Lens Flare Effect can now be enabled or disabled in the game options under the 'Game Display' tab.
- Enabled means that the lens flare effect will occur if the conditions for display are met (time of day, location, etc).
- Disabled means that the effect will not be displayed regardless of prevailing conditions

Patchnotes 2023-12-05

- the dungeon connector stones in Dungeon Sieges are now equally affected by damage reductiona s the dungeon cores itself
-> those monsters will receive now only 1% of the incoming damage
- 80% of normal montsers on new map spawned, setting done, named, but just standard drops yet
- the decorative weapons in shop are now slightly more expensive, but the timer got removed
-> there will be timed versions available for AP or holicpoints (didn't decide it yet )
- In each city, a random number of snowmen will spawn at various locations, leaving gifts for you. You can then use these gifts on other players to present them with Advent gifts.
- Do yourself a favor and don't just use them on your alternate characters - let a bit of the holiday spirit ignite ??
- Creature Mimicry - Astaroth: Texture improved
- Decoweapon "Death Bite": Texture improved
- Edit: there are now timed decorative weapons at deco shop with socket slot for holicpoints

Patchnotes 2023-12-03

- further progress in new area was made
- Drops in DD2 + DD3 adjusted a bit
- some text issues fixed
- missing effects of some Devildom bosscards fixed

Patchnotes 2023-12-01

- in the options, there is now the possibility to enable or disable the seasonal texture (short relog currently required to apply)

Patchnotes 2023-11-30

- Daily login Event activated !

Patchnotes 2023-11-28

- Deco can now be transfered with "Transforming Pendant - Decoration" onto an other one ( only useable for deco boots/-helmets/-gloves/-bodies!)
-> for now only in Cashshop, will be added later somewhere else

Patchnotes 2023-11-26

Unplanned maintenance.
- Extended Windows Server license (for now, another 180 days of peace)
- Made changes to the VibraDragon. The exact purpose will be explained in detail in the coming days once everything works as intended

Patchnotes 2023-11-25

- "Clarity" & "Meditation" changed: middle way for Skills of old & new Pets - skills have now flat and percentage effect, "new" (9.6+) pets can re-learn those, since the previous learned skills for them have no effect for them anymore
- -> use normal Respec-potion for your pet to get its JP back in case you learned those skills
- "Bless the Body" and "Bless the Soul" got now a percentage effect as well
- "Crystal-crash" and "Sapphire Strike" of Crystal Golem had a too high scaling by default (especially Crystal Crash....), these got fixed now
- "Soul Anchor" changed: damage increased
- stat-increasing passive skill of old pets (the new one with 2 stats) got increased and can be leveled up to lv10 with lv155 now
- NPCs in new city in progress ( will still take some time until it can be opened)

Patchnotes 2023-11-22

- graphical improvements to some weapons ( some 2h staffs and 1h swords & daggers )
- 180+ Monster can now drop R7 or R8 e-protect
- related to their original names some monsters got renamed:
-> "Reviac-Golem" changed to "Crazy Hagen"
- DD4+ Bosses can now drop their bosscards

Patchnotes 2023-11-21

- Levellimit increased to 185
-"Server Blessing: Flame of Heart" added, not in droptable of Iron Guards yet
- a few black weekend offers added to CS, will be rotating with others next days ( since Pokki actually got requests for that )
- R8 e-protect created ( not in droptable yet!)
- R8 modified & ancient Cubes in progress
- as reaction on some..."happenings" i decided to remove the fanatics-spawn from witchquests, they're integrated now into their areas

Patchnotes 2023-11-20

- Main-Interface of Party Matching changed
- Interface of NPC dialogues ( well, the reaction-options ) got increased in width
- new Map in progress, Dummy-NPCs added
- Joblevel 101 & 102 will give you now correct amount of statpoints
- damage calculation for dungeon cores changed:
- For now dungeon cores will, no matter how high your stats are, only receive 1000 dmg +/- 100 ( additional damage gets added on top, same restrictions); an ootimized version is in progress- it should make dungeon Sieges again more as a challenge for now

Patchnotes 2023-11-18

Since the server unexpectedly restarted:
The "String Tension" part when using bows & crossbows has been removed. Consequently, the attacks will now be similar to those of melee classes.

Patchnotes 2023-11-17

- Prices for blueprints got some rework: amount of Holicpoints got slightly reduced, there's now for each Blueprint an Option to buy for Holicpoints or Rupees, while the rupee-price is set up a bit higher R5+
- "Giant Swing" changed: new Debuff, Debuff reduces now p.def and m.def, DoT per second
- "Megaton Swing" changed: new Debuff, reduces p.Atk,m.Atk,p.def and m.def, DoT per second
- tooltip of "Shadow Orb" displays now also the damage

Patchnotes 2023-11-16

- again a new VibraDragon is required:
-> non-harmful Skills, which are only used onto pets, will now use their effect automatically onto your current Mainpet if you don't set a target or have an enemy targeted (your current enemy target will stay in this case!), e.g.. Creature Restoration,Creature Healing, Creature Life Transfer, etc.
=> if you want an other pet to get the effect of your skill, you need of course to select it manually...
-> non-harmful Skills of your pets, which are only used onto your character, will now use their effect directly onto your character if no target is chosen ( Eg. DT/WD-Buff)
Currently in testing phase - if any problems occur, please let us know!
- "Sadism" removed from Void Mage Itemeffect-pool for POCs etc

Patchnotes 2023-11-15

- the stage-marker will now be displayed as it does for equipment etc, evolution stage will be displayed at bottom left corner (as soon as it allows me to patch VibraDragon again...)
- glow of enhanced weapons +20 and above got changed a bit
- ethereal durability of Yushiva's Belt increased
- preparations for new instance dungeon System in progress
- some optimizations in VibraDragon regarding the weapon glow effect were made
- "Lions Claw" changed: effect reduced by half, in exchange it's now a toggle
- "Bloody Arrow" changed: damage increased Cooldown reduced to 60 seconds, doesn't reduce by skilllevel anymore, just by skillcard
- "Raze" changed: increases damage of "Armageddon" per level, increases range by 1m per Level

Patchnotes 2023-11-14

- "Dark Spiral" change resetted, amount of attacks will still be "reduced" to +0.8 per Skilllevel instead of +1
- lv170 Rings got now +10 critpower

Patchnotes 2023-11-13

- "Epidemic" changed: reduces now cooldown of "Soul Plague" by 3 Seconds per Level; wrong "Missed" display fixed
- Band of Salam Critpower Bonusreduced to 5 ( yeah, I know, shitstorm incoming.)

Patchnotes 2023-11-12

- New level/enhance options for chaosstones:
- Playerlevel 160+ : Chaosstone can be upgraded to lv20, if stone is lv10 +20
- Playerlevel 175+ : Chaosstone can be enhanced to +25, if stone is lv20 +20
These options are only available through NPC right now, not with upgrade-items!

-"The buffing Iron Guard" will reward you now default with a Cash Shop Card - 100; optional you can choose now between the 3 basic buffs in enhanced version (3x)
- Halloween Event-NPCs removed. Eventbuffs will stay until next serverrestart

Patchnotes 2023-11-09

- Creature Unity Potion is now stackable

Patchnotes 2023-11-08

- "Inner Light" changed: increases m.atk now by 3% per Level instead of 2,5% ; increases m.Penetration rate by 7,5% instead of 5%
- "Arctic Blast" changed: from Single-Target to AoE around target, damage reduction after 7 targets, 5m Radius around maintarget
- "Magical Requisition" changed: Reduces and increases now a flat & percentage value
- Dimensional Barb increases now 50 Strength & Agility + 20 Luck
- additional Dropchance of Dimensional Barb was converted into a toggled state ( "Ancient doctrine - Dropchance")
-> this buff will now be toggled through any previous 155-special-weapon

Patchnotes 2023-11-07

- "Death's Respite" changed: removed current effect, increases now p.defense ignore by percentage of strength and intelligence
- "Healing Gust" changed: Heal reduced, basic coodown decreased from 10 minutes to 5 minutes, Cooldown reduces by 2% per skillcard+
- "Crystal Aura" changed: doesn't increases Max MP anymore ; increases m.Atk by 2,25% of Max MP instead of 2,5% of Max MP per Level
- "Meteor Shower" changed: duration increases now by 1,5 seconds instead of 2 seconds
- "Dark Renewal" changed: increases now MP regeneration by percentage of your intelligence, HP Recovery by percentage of your wisdom

Patchnotes 2023-11-06

- "Soul Absorber" changed: absorbs now corpses around your target corpse and stacks now bufflevel equally to corpse amount - Maximum is set to 30 (tooltip needs still to be coded for that new feature)
- "Stench of Frailty" changed: reduces now p-def and m.def, flat value and by percentage
- "Phase Blades" changed: % p.Def/m.Def ignore changed to p.Def ignore, p.Penetration/m.Penetration % added
- "Shadowforged Plating" changed: converts now p.Defense to Max HP
- "Surefooted" changed: increases now 0,7% Evasion per Level
- End of Quickbuff-Event for now (was supposed to be just a serverstart-event...)

Patchnotes 2023-11-04

- if you leave a guild now, all guild zone materials (except gold ingots ofc) will be removed from that character without any form of refunding
- attackspeed will be capped at 1500 for testing, serverrestart will be required
- "Roar" changed: named now "Dragon's Roar", deals now direct damage, cooldown reduced, consumes now only 1 JP
- "Sneaky Attack" changed: deals now direct damage, cooldown reduced, consumes now only 1 JP
- "War Cry" & "Roar" changed: deals now direct damage, cooldown reduced, consumes now only 1 JPt; Skillnames & Tooltipnames adjusted
- "Pulse Strike","Ice Arrow","Ice Breath" changed: got now additionally a DoT to the debuff
- further lv150 petskills got adjustment to their cooldown; old 150 pet skills got an additional DoT if they applied a debuff

Patchnotes 2023-11-03

- Nusylite, Fluminis, Inferno and Reviac Boots increase now also movespeed like the parallelworld boots via enhancement

Patchnotes 2023-11-01

- "Mind Maul" changed: reduces now p.def and m.def
- "Apostle of Nature" changed: formular for Cooldown-reduction changed to 2 seconds + (1,5 Seconds * Skilllevel)

Patchnotes 2023-10-30

- Distorted space boots (normal and and enhanced) increase their movespeed bonus now through enhancing. This bonus is also affected by itemquality!
- "Diamond Edges" changed: from Single Target to 5m AoE with 2 Hits, more than 5 targets reduces the damage
- "Remorseless" changed: Flat value per stack decreased from 50 to 30, increases now p.atk by 2,5% + stacklevel*0.5% ; Duration changed to 5 minutes per Skilllevel
- titles changed: every negative value of a title got changed to a positive one

Patchnotes 2023-10-29

- Yushiva's Stones added to Yushiva-monster drops ( low chance)
- "Blessing of the fairy queen", "Wound Licking","Hymn of Life" etc changed: doesn't reqire an item anymore, heals now one target; there'll be a race-specific buff added in future, but don't know when yet; uses 1 JP instead of 2 now; Skill is not final!
- Takin & Soulseeker Lootpets rescaled
- Monster in new area of Katan got now their names
- new area of Katan adjusted, added more spots (changes are visible, but one part not enterable yet - wait for restart!)
- "Occultism" changed: converter-rate from wisdom to m.atk increased a bit, additionally converts a bit of your intelligence into m.atk
- "Fresh Brain" Buff has now 1h duration

Patchnotes 2023-10-28

- "Desperate Deflection" changed: decreased damage reduction per stack from 20 to 7,5%, in exchange your HP needs to be below 50% instead of 20%
- "Laser Blade" changed: renamed to "Diamond Edges" & can now be used with 1h Sword, 2h Sword, 2h Axe, 2h Mace; Icon changed; damage formula might be adjusted next days
- tamed looters "Spider of Styx" (dark & bright) and "Lilitas" got rescaled
- Red Witch Followers in UG PP have now a way lower chance to stun, one skill got replaced by a burning skill
- evo2 Cerberus' in UG PP have now a lower range
- Crystal of Devildome, Refined Crystal of Devildome, as well as both boxes are now store- and tradeable

Patchnotes 2023-10-27

- "Power of Alchemist" changed: Cooldown set to 3 seconds
- "Energy Bomb" changed: Cooldown reduces now per skillcard+, damage increased
- Advisor InkDevil has now an option to create buffdemons with Lak from your Lakstorage

Patchnotes 2023-10-24

- Halloween sweets now also give some percentage HP/MP
- Tooltip of Pumpkin Potion" adjusted; changed name to "Fresh Brain"
- "Explosion of Petrifaction" changed: Tickrate reduced, Cooldown reduced
- "Fire Shield" changed: is now a toggle
- "Support of Gust" changed: Casting time set to 0,5 Seconds
- "Focused Gust" changed: Casting time set to 0,5 Seconds
- 166+ Halloween Dungeon stage unlocked
- some background-stuff changed

Patchnotes 2023-10-22

- new stage in halloweendungeon for 166+ players added ( active after next serverrestart..)
- Zombie Virus Antidote stacks now up to 5 times
- Pumpkin Potion can now be used until lv 175, can now be stacked up to 10 times, per stack it adds +1% exp rate

Patchnotes 2023-10-21

- "Versatility" changed: increases now additionally 0,5% p.Atk/m.Atk per Level
- "Mirrored Swiftness" changed: renamed to "Apostle of Nature"; when triggered, reduces Root of Mother Nature by 6 seconds
- "Hellfire Flame" changed: Base Damage decreased ,damage per Skilllevel increased
- "Spiracle of Vitality","Sphere of the Berserk","Spiracle of Dexterity","Spiracle of Agility" changed: Cooldown reduced to 1 Minute
- Halloween-NPCs activated in HV (will be visible after next serverrestart)
- after next restart there will be some disguised bosses all over the continent ( Locations same as for the Iron Guards)
Those will drop primary minor sweets - but they might also have some other presents for you!
Get sure your lootpet is activated!

- Creature Equipment left the creature-equipment-border in donation-window after donation -> fixed

Patchnotes 2023-10-20

- Interface of storage edited
- Interface of playershops edited, it has now 10 possible slots ( activated after next restart )

Patchnotes 2023-10-19

- "Shuddering Flame" changed: damage slightly reduced
- "Bomb Sphere" changed: damage increased
- "Explosion of Petrification" changed: Debuffduration is now fix, Cooldown is now reduced by 3% per Skillcard enhancement
- some text issues fixed

Patchnotes 2023-10-16

- Textfixes
- "Earthquake" changed: Damage increased, Skillcard now also affects the damage, Animation changed, area of effect is now selectable, Cooldown reduced to 5 minutes, reduces by 10 seconds per Skilllevel and 5% per Skillcard+

Patchnotes 2023-10-14

- Tooltip of Wavecut wasn't displayed correctly -> fixed
- "Archery Training" changed: Increases now also p.atk a bit (3% + 1%* Skilllevel)
- "Heat Shot" changed: Basedamage slightly increased, DoT depends now on player's p.atk
- "Spiracle Shock Shot" changed: damage per skilllevel slightly increased
- "Strategic Agility" changed: Increases now also +10 Dexterity/Agility per Level
- "Loading Restrain" changed: Base damage and damage per Level slightly increased
- "Essence of Steel" changed: Reduction Base set to 30% instead of 50%
- "Critical Shot" changed: Skillcard decreases now Cooldown by 2% per +
- "Abyssal Attunement" changed: increases now skilldamage by 21%
- "Attunement of the Damned" changed: Effect of "Abyssal Attunement" increases by 3% per Level
- "Seismic Wave" changed: costs now only 1 JP per level, Encouragement-Skill isn't required anymore
- "Fist Slam" changed: costs now only 1 JP per level, Encouragement-Skill isn't required anymore
- "Touch of Death" changed: doesn't require "Nightmarish Plague" anymore
- "Rune of Decay" changed: costs now only 1 JP per level, "Ogre's Fury" isn't required anymore
- "Diseased Strike" changed: costs now only 1 JP per level, "Rune of Decay" isn't required anymore
- "Alpha Mode", "Beta Mode","Gamma Mode" changed: cost now only 1 JP per level, "Pickaxe Swing" isn't required anymore
- "Pulse Strike" changed: costs now only 1 JP per level, "Infusion of Life" isn't required anymore
- "Refreshing Tide" changed: costs now only 1 JP per level, "Burst of Life" isn't required anymore
- "Crushing Blow" changed: costs now only 1 JP per level
- "Mocking Blow" changed: "Lightning Flurry" isn't required anymore

Patchnotes 2023-10-13

- some questrewards in Katan got exchanged
- using "Curse of Yak" resulted in triggering (De)-Buffs onto the user itself under certain circumstances -> fixed
- using "Gravity Amplification" resulted in triggering (De)-Buffs onto the user itself under certain circumstances -> fixed

Patchnotes 2023-10-12

- Rank 8 Def Cubes are now storeable and tradeable
- "Haste of the Conjuror" changed: Cooldowncalculation renewed
- "Time Lapse" changed: Calculation of chance changed to 1% + 2% * Skilllevel, reducing time by 1,5 instead of 2,5 per Level
- "Mastered Heed of the Conjuror" changed: counts now as magical skill
- "Cyclone Lords Blessing" changed: counts now as magical skill
- added/edited some missing/wrong texts

Patchnotes 2023-10-11

- Eventbuff ( each hour) now multilingual
- Description of Crystal Fog edited, so it shows now which race's damage got reduced
- 180+ Monsterare now able to drop R8 cubes ( only standard cubes available atm)
- Yushiva's Belt can be enhanced with R8 Cubes -> fixed
- Charge-limit got increased a bit for this month ( so charge page should be available again for some time)

Patchnotes 2023-10-10

- Witches in UG adjusted to their amount
- some text issues
- taxes of auction house removed ( VibraDragon-Patch is required!)
- minor improvements in sourcecode
- Bomb Sphere should work now again

**Hotfix**: Clientcrashs when (un-)equipping skillcards fixed

Patchnotes 2023-10-08

- Circus Accessoire & Belt got now more durability
- wrong Ethereal Pixies in Sandy Beach Area got now replaced with Wind Pixies
- Stones in Manazone give now more powder

Patchnotes 2023-10-07

- 1h and 2h Axes of Circus & Island of Forgotten Gods were partially switched : fixed
- "Spirit Slash" changed: Casttime set to 0.5 Seconds
- "Blood Explosion" changed: Castztime set to 1 second
- "Bash and Slash" Animation fixed
- bloodthirsty Slaughterer got now a red glow when he is staged
- "Heed of the Conjuror" changed: Now a Toggle - effect got decreased a bit in exchange, per Skilllevel 2 Bufflevel, per Enhancement 0.5 Bufflevel; per Bufflevel +0.5% Base m.Atk for all Spells
- "Spirit of Fire" changed: Now a Toggle - effect got decreased a bit in exchange, per Skilllevel 1,75 Bufflevel, per Enhancement 0.5 Bufflevel; per Bufflevel +0.5% Base m.Atk for Fire-Spells
- "Tempest" changed: Now a Toggle - effect got decreased a bit in exchange, per Skilllevel 1,75 Bufflevel, per Enhancement 0.5 Bufflevel; per Bufflevel +0.5% Base m.Atk for Air-Spells

( values might be adjusted)

- other guild buffs got added to buff transfer
- after next restart UG, except cv, should get a higher population over time

Patchnotes 2023-10-05

- attached area Katan East has now been filled with monsters (Blight Ogres, Slaughterers & Nightmare Hands)
-> roaming bosses will follow next days
-> monsters have still empty string names, will be added next days as well
-> there'll be a small quest row that unlocks teleporting near that area
-> amount might be adjusted as well

Patchnotes 2023-10-03

- Speed Synchronizer (CS Item for setting your pet's movespeed equal to yours) wasn't useable: fixed
- Creature Artifacts durability got deleted
- Butterfly Cocoon Item is now deleteable & storeable
- bug that could lead to gameservercrash got fixed
- displaying of receiving buffs overworked ( that's what the VibraDragon-Patch was for)

Patchnotes 2023-10-01

- DB-Cleaning
- Rupee-Numbers between - 9.999.999.999 got now a new coloring
- GMFB of Guild Shop are now actually working
- Dungeon Managers are now added to UG-Dungeon Lobbies

Patchnotes 2023-09-30

- after next Serverrestart the questbosses of Espoir will have a respawntime of 20 minutes instead of 60
- "Strength of Darkness" changed: fix increase of m.atk got reduced a tiny bit, adds now a tiny amount of % m.atk additionally
- "Explosion Trap" changed: Damage increased, Effectrange increased from 3 to 5m, Activationrange increased from 2,5 to 3m; is now a magical skill
- "Steadfast Shadowflame" changed: Activation-damage depends now on user's m.atk
- "Lightning Trap" changed: Activation-damage depends now on user's m.atk, is now a magical skill; Activationrange increased from 2,5 to 3m
- "Snare of Corrosion" changed: Activation-damage depends now on user's p.atk, Activationrange increased from 2,5 to 3m, Effectrange increased from 3 to 5m
- "Icicle Snare" changed: Activation-damage depends now on user's p.atk, deals now physical damage instead of magical
- Skillcards of new Trap-Skilltype display now their effect on the damage
- in UG of Moon/LM/CV/PP will be fitting Dungeon Manager after next restart

Patchnotes 2023-09-29

- Trap-Skills will receive a full recoding -> damage might be adjusted some more times (right now only the Explosion Trap is changed to test it)
-> skillcards won't show any information about their effect on that new skilltype -> will be added soon
- skillcard-combiner re-opens now the dialog with the choice of skillcard-enhancement after a processed combination
- Guild Buff-NPC re-opens now after using any of her options
- new area Katan East opened, but right now without any monsters - and there could be also some more changes to the ambiente
-> it's planned to be invaded by Blight Ogres & probably Bloodthirsty Slaughterers
- "Dark Strike" was a bit buggy after last change -> fixed
- Guild Buff: Fight! was added now to buff transfer scroll and buff-transfer option of buff-npcs in hv
- "Rally" in Marksman skilltree changed: now passive skill, which increases p.Atk and p.penetration ratio
- "Natural Leader" changed: increases Rally-Effect by +2% per Level
- "Heed of the Conjuror" changed: Cooldown changed to 75 Seconds base, 3% Reduction per Skilllevel; Duration to basic 5 Seconds + 3 Seconds per level + 2 Seconds per Enhance
- if a player had "Blessing of the Goddess" active, his/her pets couldn't be hurt by monsters -> fixed

Patchnotes 2023-09-28

- middle bosses of Undergrounds will drop now items related to their boss-status
- "Frost Arrows" didn't buff the toggle buff -> fixed
- "Dark Strike" changed: gap between hits reduced
- "Dirk Hurricane" changed: gap between hits reduced, damage slightly increased
- "Dirk Tornado" changed: gap between hits reduced, hitcount calculates now 3 + skilllevel*0.3 , damage slightly increased

- "Ice Breath" Animation changed
- gap between all lv90 "Blast" Skills of "old" Pets got reduced
- "Twin Sphere" changed: gap between hits reduced
- all creature unities, lv90 Skills and lv150 Skills of creatures require now only 1 JP per level ( if you respec your pet now you will also only receive 1 JP back!)
- changed Lv50 Creation Skills of "old" Pets to a passive one,which increases now two basic stats - this skill can now be skilled up to lv5 and costs 1 JP per level

Patchnotes 2023-09-25

- "Steel Presence" changed: renamed to "Armor of Protection", merged the two buffs into one
- "Provocation" can now be leveled on Templar up to level 20 (14/20)
- "Hawkeye" changed: fix value of p.atk increase got removed, increases by a small amount of percentage instead
- "Refreshing Triumph" changed: ticks now each second, regenerates now 100 MP per Tick instead of 40
- "Shadow Wound" changed: DoT was tried to be added twice: fixed
- "Frost Arrows" changed: changed now to a toggle, shares cooldown with Thunderbolt Arrow - cannot be run together with Thunderbolt Arrow!
- "Lightning Reflexes" changed: Evasion value increases now by percentage (1% per Level)
- "Mind Crisis" changed: fix value reduced, decreases m.defense by a small amount of percent additionally
- "Weakness Skin" changed: Relation between skilllevel and buffeffect changed; p.Defense fix valuereduction reduced, reduces now also by percentage
- "Hopelessness" changed: increases now the physical damage and also the damage affected by amount of MP per level!

Patchnotes 2023-09-24

- "Soul Plague" changed: from corpse kill with AoE DoT back to single target without requirement of a corpse; base cooldown reduced to 30 seconds
- "Darkness Arrow" changed: Cooldown went into negative range and was thus permanently usable -> now 30 seconds base cooldown & -3% reduction of cooldown per skillcard, reduction per skill level was removed...
- Guild zone features as well as the guild zone level have been limited to level 5 levelable for the time being (for the guilds that have already leveled up beyond that, nothing changes, the levels above that are not reset - so nothing invested is actually lost). Otherwise there would be problems with certain features of guild zone

Patchnotes 2023-09-23

- Astaroth Skin slightly shrinked
- Guardian Monolith Lootpet heavily shrinked
- if you was able to deliver the 35M Lak at Administrator Ina and you used the 35M Option, your Lak was removed without result - fixed
- Monstercount on old trainees Island was increased , after next Server Restart
- Altered Pieces in CS have now a duration of 1h
- Tooltips of "Deva's Blessing" simplified
- Name & Tooltip of GMFB in guild shop fixed ( will still require some changed VibraDragon later)
- Decorative HolyArmor removed from Deco Shop
- Elite Iceskin Boar Orc has now a Respawntime of 20 Minutes after next restart

Patchnotes 2023-09-17

- "Flamemonger" changed: increases now additionally 2,5% m.Atk per level
- "Angelic Mist" changed: heal depends now on skilllevel, in Summa slightly reduced
- "Support of Gust" increases now also a smaller amount of castspeed
- "Cyclone Lords Blessing" changed: increases now p.Atk by percentage of your Max HP, increases now your m.Atk by percentage of Max MP (compared to before this part got increased)

Patchnotes 2023-09-16

- EXP per level for Pets 179+ overworked & recalculated
- "Transforming Pendant - Mask" has been added (for now only in CS)
- corrected a few "denglish" text issues
- 150+ soulstones are now no longer sold with the quick selling
- If an Underground Dungeon was taken you could not teleport into that dungeon as owner -> fixed

Patchnotes 2023-09-14

- "Steel King's Sword" (quest item) modified: weight reduced to 10.
- donation boxes of altar can now be opened by combination
- added some Lootpet-Tame possibilities
- fixed text errors for guild officers

Partially active after next maintenance.

Patchnotes 2023-09-10

- "Holy Ground" changed: ticks now 1/3 quicker, in exchange deals 1/3 less damage per hit; Aggromodificator increased
- "Physical Breaker" changed: Aggromodificator increased
- "Soul Breaker" changed: Aggromodificator increased
- "Shield Blow" changed: Aggromodificator increased
- "Shield Smash" changed: Aggromodificator increased
- "Shield Strike" changed: Aggromodificator increased
- "Holy Cross" changed: Aggromodificator increased
- "Shield Charge" changed: Aggromodificator increased
- "Master of Threatening" changed: Aggro Amplification increased
- "Shuddering Flame" changed: Damage slightly reduced, amount of monsters pre split increased ( 3 -> 20 )
- "Wavecut" changed: Damage increasement of skillcard enhancement reduced ( was nearly 3x as high as it gets per skilllevel...), limited to 2h axe and dual axes
- "Blind Fury" Tooltip adjusted
- "Earth Shutter" Tooltip adjusted, 'cause of misunderstandings
- Icons of Devildom Crystals changed

Patchnotes 2023-09-09

- some text issues fixed
- "Potty Miner" renamed to "Mortician"
- some interface texts/messages changed
- if an item was in your auctionhouse box when the server crashed or restarted, it lost his quality-information: fixed

Patchnotes 2023-09-08

- area of Crystal golems got now some more monsters
- some minor bugs were fixed
- Background Work for new feature
- EXP-Buff added for this weekend

Patchnotes 2023-09-07

- "Mastered Heed of the Conjuror" added to Void Mage skilltree (up to lv4): increases magical base attack by 2,5% per skilllevel for all skills.
**Note: Since this skilltype affects skilldamage per filter, its effect can't be seen in character stats or in tooltip of affected skills!**
- Corpse Absorbtion skills under maintenance - if there should be any weird behavior, wait for the next days, it might be solved fully itself :wink:
- empty info in questlist for quest 'One Man's Trash...' added
- Crystal Golem's Spirit added to shop
- Tooltip of Hector's Scroll changed a bit to make it more clear what it does
- function to trade in Crystal Golem's Spirit to Artifact added

Patchnotes 2023-09-06

Patchnotes 2023-09-05

- development of a new passive skilltype in progress which would allow to modify specific skills related to their actual element (e.g. increasing skilldamage of Fire Skills)
- Vulcanus Monster lv170 should now appear/be visible...

Patchnotes 2023-09-04

- "Abominable Howl" (Yeti Stage Skill) changed: doesn't give Movespeed Reduction or Essence of Invulnerability anymore;increases now p.def and max HP,duration set to 30 seconds fix; cooldown set to 240 Seconds, reduces by 18 seconds per level
- "Nimble Fingers" (Harpy stage Skill) changed: increases now some more atk-speed fix value as well as a small percentage value
- "Unity: Nightmare" changed: increases now accuracy instead of Max HP
- "Mana Burst" (Naga stage Skill) changed: Deals now damage and returns MP percentually to dealt damage back to Naga

Patchnotes 2023-09-03

- "Focused Gust" changed: Castzeit vreduced from 1,5 to 1 second
- "Arcane Swell" changed: Cooldown reduced to 110 seconds
- "Huge Rock Fall": Cooldown slightly reduced, damage slightly increased again
- "Angel's Force" (passiv) changed: increases now 3% Basic stats instead of 1,5%
- "Demonic Howl" (passiv) changed: increases now 3% instead of 1,5%
- "Booming Voice" changed: Increases effect of Demonic How Skill by further 1,5% (adds to the 3%)
- "Protector's Force" changed: increases now 3% Basic stats instead of 1,5%
- "Prismatic Soul" changed: Increases now 5,5 Int&Str per Level as well as 3 Vit&Wis per Level
- "Breath of Life" changed: increases now 1,5% Max MP per Level
- "Crystalizing Water Spheres" changed: Casttime set to 1,5 seconds, damage slightly increased
- "Prey Upon the Weak" changed: Increases now skilldamage if HP of target is below a percentage limit, HP-Percentage Limit increases with Skilllevel, Critchance only increases by 5 now instead of 50 per level

Patchnotes 2023-09-01

- "Magic Skin" removed from Void Mage Skilltree
- "Neutralize Magic" removed from Void Mage Skilltree
- "Fire Blast" added to Void Mage Skilltree, can now be leveled to lv16
- "Thunder Slayer" added to Void Mage Skilltree, can now be leveled to lv16; damage slightly increased
- "Darkness Arrow" changed: damage per level slightly increased, Delay between hits slightly decreased
- Skillcardbox: War Kahuna & Magus still had their buffcards in it -> removed

Patchnotes 2023-08-31

even if it takes more time, I cleaned up now some stuff through left hand code xD:
- "Teardrop of Penetration" Soulstone changed to "Teardrop of sageness": Increases now m.Atk & m.Res.
- "Deep Focus" changed: part with p.penetration got removed and got added to p.Defense Ignore*
- Penetration got removed from Random Options*
- Penetration values in exisiting random options will be replaced with defense ignore*

* I'll explain later why, will be partially active after next maintenance!

If you find any further Penetration fix values (not percentage!) please report them asap, so I can fix them as soon as possible.

Patchnotes 2023-08-29

- some textbugs fixed
- "Crystalizing Water Spheres" changed: Damage per skillcard and skilllevel slightly increased, Default Cooltime set to 60 seconds, Cooltime reduces by 5% per enhancement
- "Huge Rock Fall" changed: Damage per skillcard and skilllevel slightly increased, Default Cooltime set to 90 seconds, Cooltime reduces by 5% per enhancement
- "Vacuum Shockwave" changed: Damage per skillcard and skilllevel increased
- "Thunderstorm Slayer" changed: damage increased, Default Cooltime set to 120 Seconds, delay between hits slightly reduced
- "Thunder Slayer" changed: Damage per skillcard and skilllevel slightly increased, Cooltime reduces now by 3% per enhancement
- "Fire Field" & "Lightning Field" changed: Damage increases now by 2% m.atk per skillcard enhancement, Default Cooltime set to 60 seconds, cooltime decreases by 4% per skillcard enhancement
- "Shuddering Flame" changed: Base Damage increased, Damage per Level and skillcard slightly increased as well; skillcard reduces cooltime now by 5% instead of 3%, Amount of hits increases now each 2 level by 1 hit, delay between hits slightly reduced
- if a belt had 7 or 8 slots it could happen when using the hourglass-item on it, to only get a special upgrade kit instead of an ultimate upgrade kit - fixed

Patchnotes 2023-08-28

- Laktransfer Implant allows now to be activated and deactivated via doubleclick
- displayed window text of Transfer Implant got a small overwork, so it's a bit easier to understand if it's active or inactive

Patchnotes 2023-08-26

- Testversion of party-exp-increasement implemented. When 3000 or more soulcores are donated to npc, Party exp increase by 0.1, for each further 500 cores you get 0.1 more on top.
This Bonus gets add to the default Party exp.

Patchnotes 2023-08-24

- "Shadow Atrophia" changed: reduced cooltime to 2,5 minutes , cooltime reduces by 3% per skillcard+
- "Zephyr Strike" changed: Range increased from 2 to 3 m
- System in progress to increase Party exp in some intervals when donated Extratced Soulcores are above 2500 - but will work on that on weekend
- Increased number of exchangeable Coins of Blacksmith Alliance for AP to a maximum of 1000 per trade

Patchnotes 2023-08-22

- "Rally" & "Demonic Howl" can now be buffed/received without having a group together
- "Mass Repentance" changed: due to the lowered time between its hits from earlier changes I had to change the cooldown now from 5 to 10 seconds. otherwise it was a bit too powerful (I ask for your objective understanding), Cooldown will now be reduced by 2% for each skillcard+

Patchnotes 2023-08-19

- "Subtile Enmity" removed from Deadeye Skilltree
- "Masterful Poison Shot" was created & added to Deadeye Skilltree
-> AoE-Distance-Attack with DoT-Damage (not stackable!)
-> shares Cooltime with Poison Shot
-> up to Level 4 (2 per "Iron Will"-TP)
**-> atm NOT included in skillcard boxes & Power of Change randompool!!! Will be included after next restart!**

Changes might be possible depending on live-tests!
- "Card of Evolution" is now only consumed when evolution was successful
- new pet Mimikrys were added to NPC-shop ingame
- new pet Mimikrys were added to donation shop (Decoration -> Creature Skins )

Patchnotes 2023-08-18

- holding Alt can now also be used for adding items to decomposing-window
- holding Shift,Alt,Ctrl can now be used for adding items to Altar as well
- Acid Spray reduces now by % and fix value, damage scales slightly with m.atk

Patchnotes 2023-08-17

- level 170 vulcanus dungeon now unplanned enterable - drops are actually not added there yet!
- preparations for soulgenie & Pets in progress

Patchnotes 2023-08-16

- Level 170 Vulcanus Dungeon prepared (no active yet!)
- materials for guild zone can now be stored in guild bank with one click all together (in fact that update was from 15.08. )

Patchnotes 2023-08-14

- auction house offers now a new option for duration: Very Long (168h, so, one week)
- "Dragon's Spirit" removed from Random Box of Mounts
- "Ancient Card - Legendary" added to donationshop: Exceptional Card, which allows you (and is its only purpose) to charge any legendary staged creature
- Changed "Grand Master Hector's Courage" Bosscard: +1 Creature Control removed, -10% MP-Consume added
- Changed "Grand Master Hector's Knowledge" Bosscard: +1 Creature Control removed, 5% Chance to gain 1% of magical skilldamage as HP
**Adjustments possible!**

Patchnotes 2023-08-13

- slightly increase of MC beltset-dropchance in cube
- added beltset-dropchance to Soulhort
- "Howl at the Moon" card removed from skillcard boxes
- Beast Master got new skill "Unity of the Beast" : Toggle, which increases strength, vitality, dexterity and agility (Fix value, small percentage value - values might be adjusted)
This toggle cannot be used with other unity-toggles of that class (well...it can, but their buffs will overwrite each other)
- "Unity of the Beast" Skillcard added

Patchnotes 2023-08-12

- an issue with Beltslot-Transfer was fixed ( thx @naturwunder for Bugreport)
- "Girl Bears Four Leaf Clover" changed: Default Castingtime reduced from 30 to 5 Seconds
- damageskills of carbuncle increased significantly
- new emblems added to flashsale in donationshop
- "Harmony of Life" changed: Tranformation-Buff can now be removed via double click

Patchnotes 2023-08-11

- you can open now shops everywhere in hidden village
- "Summon Mastery" Skillcard can now be used from all valid classes ( fixed )
- Performance-Update:
+ Storage as well as invenotry (primary inventory) loads now significantly faster!
+ some laggs of mass farming are further reduced (thanks @yosiem ffor the hints! :slight_smile: )
+ autocast of petskills are now executed much more efficient with a higher frequency ( nearly instant after cooldown run out )
+ framerate optimized, should run now much smoother!
- blueprints need now less extreme power ( 30 Extreme Power per stage for weapons, 15 per stage for armor stuff )

Patchnotes 2023-08-09

- after next restart you can open a shop in whole HV

Patchnotes 2023-08-08

- Fix of last night's bug
- if you login now, the items you wore will be checked and unequipped in case they aren't valid for your character anymore
- if you reset your job or your level changes all of the items you wear will be checked, in case they aren't valid anymore they will be unequipped. This should prevent several bugs which appeared lately related to my stackable equipment system.

**in case someone still gets that bug - even if I don't expect it to happen - please report as soon as possible!**

Patchnotes 2023-08-06

- Arrow Bundles removed from markets
- Quiver added to shops on trainees island **This quiver is only working until you reach Level 50!**
- price of that quiver reduced to 6285 R

Patchnotes 2023-08-05

- dual weapons didn't put themself on correctly under specific conditions when they're switched via shortcut: fixed
- dual weapons didn't put themself on correctly under specific conditions when player relogged: fixed
- when using Blessed Awakening stones on stackable gear it was possible under specific conditions that the awakening wasn't stored properly : fixed
- when using BPOCs on stackable gear it was possible under specific conditions that the identification wasn't stored properly : fixed
- Re-Identification & Re-awakening was optimized on DB-side

Patchnotes 2023-08-03

- "Mass Bless HP Regen" changed, increases now by a fix value and by percentage
- "Mass Bless MP Regen" changed, increases now by a fix value and by percentage
-"Card of Evolution" can now be bought at Creature Enchanter
- prices for buffs from buff druid are now in direct relation to the player's rank

Patchnotes 2023-07-31

- Pressing "Alt" while clicking on a stacked item will move now all items of that stack (not implemented in 100% of all windows-interactions yet!)
This works already for example for interaction between storage & inventory, as well as for selling stuff to NPC; etc.
- implementing Card of Evolution (portable item to evolve a creature) - not buyable yet
- Fix "Blessed Quickselling Scroll"
- implementing Scroll of Refreshment (Creature rebuffing scroll)
-> not buyable yet

Patchnotes 2023-07-30

- "Supportive Beginner's Bag" added to starter presents (10k Max.Weight, +50 Movespeed, timed like the starter wings)

Patchnotes 2023-07-27

- "Buffdemon's Sphere" removed from drops (but remains in the NPC shop)
- Moved menu of buff coins to NPC "Advisor InkDevil" (name tentative)
- Advisor InkDevil now gives you the following options: -> Coin Trade (exchanges certain coins for buffs)
-> Lak Trade (exchanges Lak for certain buff demons) Since the coins are currently not available, the second option is more interesting.
Here you can have a buffskill of YOUR CHOICE stored in a buffdemon! The price (in Lak) depends on the quality of the buffdemon.
- Basic (refers to the buff level of the basic job) -> 10 lak per buffdemon
- Low (refers to the buff level of the 1st job) -> 100 lak per buffdemon
- Mid (refers to the buff level of the 2nd job) -> 750 lak per buffdemon
- High (refers to master class buff level) -> 5,000 lak per buffdemon
This gives newer players the opportunity to get higher buffs for some work, even without high players present.
I hope with this hybrid system from the two variants of my survey it will be a little "easier" to understand and love the system

**Sidenote!** A few options to choose are still empty string - this will be solved somewhen today.
- missing option strings at advisor InkDevil were fixed
- prices for buffs adjusted
- r2-r6 attacker cubes still had their old weight-> fixed
- Devildom Shields weren't identifyable-> fixed
- Yushiva's Accessoire had some missing itemeffects -> fixed

Patchnotes 2023-07-24

- Smith Tarun added to Katan
- enhance values of Nusylite-equipment, Fluminis etc fixed

Patchnotes 2023-06-25

Patchnotes 2023-06-19

- issues with creature skins fixed
- issues with guild-urls fixed
- the guild-info table shows now also the maximum member count

Patchnotes 2023-06-17

- strength of monsters in underground-dungeons got decreased, the witches got their focus now on magical damage
- "Power of Alchemists" got now also a dynamic display of required Soulstone Powder
- "Grace" requires now a constant increasing amount of Grace Sliver, which is also shown in tooltip dynamically; this also includes now working skilllevels lv20 and above - fixed some DD-Quest Strings as well as their questnames (storytexts are still empty string rn )

Patchnotes 2023-06-12

- "Master Style" Skillcard implemented and integrated in systems
- "Demonic Howl" Skillcard removed from Deadeye Skillcardbox
- "Focused Gust" changed: does not share its cooldown with "Supporting Gust" anymore, increases p.atk and m.atk
- Setbonus of UG-Set changed:
~10% p.Atk,m.Atk, Max HP, Max MP
~15% p.Def, m.Def
~14 Critical Power

Patchnotes 2023-06-08

- devildom-bosses can now parts of yushiva's beltset (80%) or weapons of island (20%)
- Yushiva-Bosses can now drop Yushiva's Essence (1-3 pieces) as well as a very small chance (0,5%) to drop Yushiva's Belt directly

Patchnotes 2023-06-05

- issues of some monster skills fixed (they probably need some adjustment now - tell me then)
- "Creature Taming" was still visible in Priest Skilltree
-> removed - preparations for implementing Yushiva Belt were made

Patchnotes 2023-06-03

- "Offense Breaker","Defense Breaker","Mind Breaker" changed: decrease now also a small amount of %
- "Remorseless" changed: P.defense ignore value per stack got doubled
- "Divine Flare" changed: Damage increased a bit
- Guild Buffer Level 4 increases now the normal running worldbuffs to enhanced ones

Patchnotes 2023-05-30

- some texts got fixed and updated to be multilingual
- all "Encouragement" Skills of pets got changed: 5 minutes cooldown, 10 Seconds + 1 Second * Skilllevel Duration, Manaconsume increased, learning costs set to 1 JP
- "Steel Cage" changed: Cooldownset fix to 30 seconds, -3% Cooldown per Skillcard +, range icnreased from 5 to 7.5m, Amount of hits changed to 5 + Skilllevel*0.2
- "Lightning Fury" changed: Cooldown set to 90 Seconds, damage icnreases now also per skillcard+
- "Hellfire Flame" changed: Cooldown set to 90 seconds, -3% Cooldown per Skillcard+

Patchnotes 2023-05-26

- "Master Style" was now added to Deadeye Skilltree (no skillcard included yet!)
- "Soulhort of Eternity" opened now to get you known to Monsters' strength, bosses & paths through the dungeon. strings will be fixed somewhen this night
-> This dungeon can be entered with lv 154+
- "Energy of Rage" of TP-Quest lasts now always only 1 minute

Patchnotes 2023-05-26

- "Stun Shaft" changed: is now a front-aoe
- "Hail of the Underworld" changed: damage slightly increased
- textbugs related to lottery-buffs fixed

Patchnotes 2023-05-22

- "Berserker Rage" changed: increases now p.defense ignore by 60% Strength per Skilllevel

Patchnotes 2023-05-21

- pre-work for unlocking Soulhort-Dungeon in progress
- Bugfix: If a stackable item was splitted from stack when you put it into auction house, then the gameserver didn't store the ethereal durability correctly into database, which resulted in broken items after crash or restart (funfact, this bug works on retail as well)
- Quest "[Repeat] Clear the Underground Base" requires now golden witches from UG moon, blue witches from UG LM, andRed witches from UG PP (in case I didn't mix it up now)

- "Zephyr Strike" changed: DoT ticks now each second, damage increased
- "Thunderbolt Wind Cut" changed: Fixed its working ( there was an issue ), skillcard increases damage now, range slightly increased
- "Final DefenseFinal Defense" changed: Chance per Level increased by 0,5%
- "Shield Barrier" changed: Chance per Level is now 1,5% , Duration increased from 10 to 15 seconds

Patchnotes 2023-05-15

- Bugfix: if a new-stackable item was tried to move from inventory to storage, if already a same, but non-joinable item was in storage, the storage capacity could be exceeded
-> for those who have already exceeded the storage limit on purpose, the items that you are missing in the storage will be displayed again as soon as there are free slots in storage again and you relog

Patchnotes 2023-05-10

- the Item Expert in Horizon has now 2 new quests for you
- if both quests are done, you get a new teleport option for Horizon Fields

Patchnotes 2023-05-09

- new 3-Day Laktransfer-Implant added
- the Item Expert NPC has now 2 new quests for you (150+), which have the new Aetherpixi field as target
-> previous mentioned Laktransfer Implant is one of the quest rewards, as well as a universal Growth potion

Patchnotes 2023-05-06

- Setbonus of MC Summoner Gear changed

Patchnotes 2023-05-05

- Fixes related to the new stackable equip system were made
- weapons of Island of forgotten Gods got now also their sub-stats as the Redspider-Gear got as well, prices of these weapons adjusted
- some english skills were unreadable -> fixed
- Ranged Pets (Harpyie, Forest Pixie) get now p.atk, atk-speed & Accuracy through the weapon unity

Patchnotes 2023-05-02

- Durability of Bosscards removed
- equipment stacks now under some conditions: An equipment stacks with the same item, if following points are given:
~ same Level
~ same enhancement
~ same elemental effect (jewel)
~ same elemental stats ( from shards)
~ same endurance(Soulstone energy)
~ same ethereal durability
~ same appearance
~ same itemeffect (of my system)
~ same grade (of my system)
An Equipment doesn't Stack anymore as soon as
~ it gets awakened
~ it gets identified
~ it breaks through enhance
~ it has sockets
Existing systems should be all adjusted to it correctly.
If any bug appears related to that - please report instantly to get a fix as soon as possible!

Patchnotes 2023-04-25

- Hotfix: Combination of Crystal Spiders didn't work -> fixed
- Growth Potions for levelranges 1 - 190 and 151 - 170 give now also 200% EXP/JP Bonus (as well as the other Growth Potions do)

Patchnotes 2023-04-24

- changes in RoA: Drop of magical Spheres reduced, Drop of Ancient Ore increased
- Minimumlevel of Island of Forgotten Gods Weapons set to 175
- Ring of Horadric and Soul of Mortis got changed now to earrings (not dropable yet)
- Durability of Island Weapons/Earrings removed

Patchnotes 2023-04-23

- the display of dropped items in chat got a bit reduced
- duration, speed & scaling of damage and heal-numbers in mainwindow got reduced by half
- enhanced skillcardboxes can now be opened through combine-window, too, and give out correct enhanced skillcard

Patchnotes 2023-04-22

- Rune drop (especially 150+) changed
- Drop of Crystal Glasses reduced, Magical Sphere slightly increased in exchange
- "Frost Arrows" changed: toggles now only one buff instead of two. the debuffs were merged to one debuff
- "Master Style" for DE created (not implemented in Skilltree yet):
Increases p.Atk, Evasion and p.Penetration Ratio; Decreases Accuracy , can't be used with other styles.

Patchnotes 2023-04-19

- creature artifacts are now tradeable and storeable
- 10 Philosopher's Scrolls can now be combined with a Blessed Energy to create a blessed Scroll (100%)
->this scroll allows to (re-)identify weapons of the Island of Forgotten Gods
- images for a (later) possible Iron Guard pet created

Patchnotes 2023-04-14

- roaming Boss "Crystal Golem - Beryllian" & Descendants added to new cv area (active after serverrestart)
- Labyrinth-Dungeon doesn't require an open party anymore if you want to go there solo
- Spawnboxes of LM-UG, Moon-UG overworked
- staged CGs have now a different look

Patchnotes 2023-04-12

- Sandy Beach overworked again
- Sand Fairy Queen - Ramiris added; roams around the Sandy Beach areas
- if you get now an item-reward through lottery, you'll be able to read which item you received in chat

Patchnotes 2023-04-11

- "Hysteria" changed: gives now basically 5 seconds (De-)Buff instead of 10 seconds
- "Blind Fury" changed: increases now the duration of "Hysteria" effects by 5 seconds per Skilllevel (that is NOT displayed in skilltooltip except the manual written text)
- "Dual Strike" of Soldier changed: Name changed to "Iron Blow", can now be used with swords and maces, damage increased

Patchnotes 2023-04-10

- a few internal things in VibraDragon were changed. related to that I'll provide a new packed client tomorrow for those who want (optional!)
- minor fixed issues in db
- "Hector's Scroll" was added now to CS, since such an item was requested now several times
-> this item allows the user (lv 145+) to skip Red Farm and both witchquests, so he can start Masterclass without doing those
-> skipped Quests can be done later as well (but remember the % exp are missing after lv 155!)
=> since I don't see this item as expedient I decided to make it CS-exclusive only - I ask for your understanding in that case

Patchnotes 2023-04-08

- Crystal mountaisn got a small expansion in Northwest-Area.
-> this area contains 165+ Crystal Golems as well as Stone Spirits (both unnamed so far)
-> amount of spawns are actually just a test rn and will be adjusted

Patchnotes 2023-04-07

- Duration of Dual Summon after Endless Dual Summon buff is expired is set now from 15 to 30 seconds
- attackskills of WD and DT improved

Patchnotes 2023-04-06

- since it was requested now several times I decided now to let Equipment drop with a low chance in easter dungeon
- in dragon's Nest is now another mob type which reduces the amount of Standard dragon spawns a bit
- near to Shier spawn now some Cerberus-monsters
- Sandy Beach is now better organized in its spots ( active after serverrestart, might bug until then)
-Costume of Sweet Tooth (previously Hansel and Gretel) re-added, so level rewards will be correct again
- blessed Scroll of Quickselling added (not available yet, will have a bigger rupee-output )

Patchnotes 2023-04-03

- in Easterwonderland more masks are now possible to drop:
-> 3 days, 14 days, 30 days, 365 days
-> 3 days (Stats as already before), 14 days different base stats | +20 Luck | 1% Tamechance, 30 days different base stats | +20 Luck | 1% Tamechance, 365 days different base stats | +20 Luck| 1 Socket

- NPC for the event trade adjusted
- > requires Faded Egg Shells ( the required amount is displayed)
-> Easter Ring & Easter earring changed to awakenable
-> NPC offers you a teleport out of dungeon

Patchnotes 2023-04-02

- amount of Poisoned Scale Hama Dryad increased by 1
- Fear & Petrification are now handled a bit different serverside

Patchnotes 2023-04-01

- Stamina Saver renamed to Knowledge Booster
- internal functionality of Knowledge Booster changed
- preparations for easterevent were initiated

Patchnotes 2023-03-27

- the Altered Pieces didn't have the bufftime which was written in tooltip -> fixed

Patchnotes 2023-03-26

- the announce of dropping a T5/T6 pet is now set as private notice if the character is >= Level 160
- the announce when you put a T6 pet into formation for first time is deactivated ( it was primary something I've added in my 9.4 files before I was able to code the taming-message )

Patchnotes 2023-03-25

- Sphere of Duffdemon is now buyable at Udnerworld Merchant
- you can trade now 20 Signs of Forgotten Gods to an other item at NPC Ruth in City Remains

Patchnotes 2023-03-24

- Cloak of Holy Serenity, Obsidikar Spine Cloak and Astray Dragon can now be used as upgrade-material for +20(+) equip
- Buffdemon's Sphere can now be used with Lak from Lakstorage (at Lazy Matriarch) (thx @Scales for bugreport, fixed )
- Sign of Forgotten Gods drops now on Island of forgotten Gods

Patchnotes 2023-03-22

- passive accurracy-Skills of Pets adjusted, old ones as well as "new" ones
- JP-costs of these skills reduced from 2 to 1 per skilllevel
- "Poison Arrow" changed: duration depends now on skilllevel and skillcard
- "Meteor Shower" changed: Damage depends now also with some minor effect on the magical damage of character
- "Critical Shot" changed: Skillcard now slightly increases the damage
- "Bloody BladeFatal Wave" changed: Cooldown reduced by 2% per Skillcard+
- "Hellfire Flame" changed: skillcard now also increases the damage
- "Fire Storm" changed: Damage slightly increased
- "Mind Defense" changed: increases now slightly the magical resistence
- "Blessing" changed: increases the max HP now also slightly by a small percentage of MAX HP
- "Wind Cut" changed: damage depends now on the atk-points of character
- "Endless Energy" changed: increases now also p.defense ignore, gets higher values when skill is higher
- "Flamemonger" changed: increases intelligence by 15% per skilllevel
- "Arcane Swell" changed: increases now atk-speed/castspeed related to skilllevel, additionally increases p.atk and m.atk of all affected characters & pets
- "Thunderstorm Slayer" changed: damage slightly increased, skillcard decreases cooldown
- "Phantasm" changed: increases now skilldamage as well as acc/patk/matk - important! "After Image" still triggers a 100% double hit!
- "Shadowforged Plating" changed: increases evasion and p.defense without any connection to other stats

Patchnotes 2023-03-21

- all additional buffs in Guildzone last now 1,5h
- essential handling of pre-enhanced skillcards changed (Database reduced by ~ 13k entries, lol)
- overworked skillcards of Altarboxes & Quest skillcard-boxes
-> by opening altar-boxes you get now probably an enhanced skillcardbox , which then changes to an enhanced skillcardbox of a random masterclass.
If you open now this one per doubleclick you'll receive a new skillcard with the enhance of the box you've opened
- same goes for the skillcardboxes from quests
You mustn't open those enhanced boxes per NPC or by combination atm - it would result in receiving a +1 card rn.

It's possible that with this change some other skillcardboxes won't work properly.
If that's the case, please leave me a note in bug-channel. thanks.

Patchnotes 2023-03-19

- amount of Turtle Fighter on Sandy Beach reduced, amount of WPs on Sandy Beach increased
- some backgroundprocesses were changed
- Donating extracted Soulcores has now new trigger-limits.
Means the following list describes the new steps the droprate increases:
5 - 9 = 0.1
10 - 14 = 0.2
15 - 20 = 0.3
20 - 24 = 0.4
25 - 34 = 0.5
35 - 44 = 0.6
45 - 54 = 0.7
55 - 64 = 0.8
65 - 74 = 0.9
75 - 99 = 1.0
100 - 124 = 1.1
125 - 149 = 1.2
150 - 174 = 1.3
175 - 199 = 1.4
200 - 249 = 1.5
250 - 299 = 1.6
300 - 349 = 1.7
350 - 399 = 1.8
400 - 449 = 1.9
450 - 549 = 2.0
550 - 699 = 2.1
700 - 849 = 2.2
850 - 999 = 2.3
1000 - 1249 = 2.4
1250 - 1499 = 2.5
1500 - 1749 = 2.6
1750 - 1999 = 2.7
2000 - 2249 = 2.8
2250 - 2499 = 2.9
2500+ = 3.0

Patchnotes 2023-03-18

- some bosscards had no name -> fixed
- exchanging bosscards to Collections had some empty strings -> fixed

Patchnotes 2023-03-15

- Mount- & Deco-Box were only openable with 150+ -> fixed

Patchnotes 2023-03-14

- enhanced Gouverneur-Equipment is now compatible with power of skillchanger

Patchnotes 2023-03-13

- durability of your staged creatures shows now the amount of possible deaths until the card breaks
- Tooltip of "Envenom" corrected

Patchnotes 2023-03-11

- the decoration of Relic Box of Sharpness was merged into a decoration-box with more possible decos
- the mounts of Refined Relic Box were merged into a mount-box with more possible mounts
- added character namechange to the Consumables AP-Shop
- relicboxes partially adjusted

Patchnotes 2023-03-07

New combination-option to get higher runes:
- 20 Common Runes (10% Chance) -> 1 Rare Rune
- 20 Rare Runes (5% Chance) -> 1 Legendary Rune

Since the start seems to be a bit complicated for players who never played on a server with my files
I decided to change the required items of blueprints, so it might feel less complicated & does not kill the fun and stays still with some logic behind it:
- Elemental pieces will be removed
- Blueprints require now Extreme Power instead of Elemental Pieces
- Social Job Helpers' quests require now Extreme Power instead of Elemental pieces
- decomposing equipment has now a slight chance to give out some Extreme Power
- decomposing Ancient equipment gives now some Extreme Power back

Patchnotes 2023-03-06

- double Petcard drop Event finished
- Violet Queen - Laticia walks now with her guards through the 160+ Aetherpixi field

Patchnotes 2023-03-05

- worldbuffs in CS overworked
- all worldbuffs which were only available in CS before, can now drop from Iron Guards, too

Patchnotes 2023-03-03

- preparations were made to change Violet Queen Laticia to a Roaming Boss (Level and strength already adjusted)

Patchnotes 2023-02-25

- Mass combinations were partially incorrect if some base material's count in combine window was bigger than 65535 -> fixed
- the lottery has now a chance to reward you with Blessed Energy; combining it with any awakening stone gives you a blessed awakening stone of its kind

Patchnotes 2023-02-19

- "Power of Alchemist" cast reduced to 2 seconds, cooldown reduced from 15 to 10 seconds
- the Dungeon Manager in Palmir Plateau has now a small quest for characters lv85+, to deliver a warning to another NPC near Soul Seeker's room.
If you successfully delivered this message, then the Dungeon Manager in PP offers you a new option to teleport you to the new NPC
- Crystalgolem Bosscard & Bloodthirsty Slaughterer Bosscard are now stackable and tradeable to a collection

Patchnotes 2023-02-18

- Lakboosterwas added to worldbuff-refresh
- max Joblevel of masterclass increased
- Bufftransfer from player to pet contains now also Howl at the Moon, Heavens Blessing, Demonic Howl
- activated Tame-,JP- and exp-event for this weekend, additionally

Patchnotes 2023-02-15

- enhance-values of MC helmets weren't adjusted correctly -> fixed

Patchnotes 2023-02-12

- Tooltip of Altered Ancient Cubes fixed
- Tooltip of Ancient Cubes fixed
- weight of Altered Ancient Cubes & Ancient Cubes adjusted like the other cubes

Patchnotes 2023-02-06

- Icon of Soul Bead Box fixed

Patchnotes 2023-02-05

- Mimikry-Shop added to Creature Enchanter
-> here you can buy some creature-"Skins" for arenapoints. if requested there can be added more

Patchnotes 2023-02-04

- pets can now learn "Eden's Blessing" to a level related to their rarity (so, T2 -> lv2, T3 -> lv3,....T6->lv6)

Patchnotes 2023-02-03

- new effectsystem applied on creature artifacts!
-> there now only ONE template for artifacts per pet instead of the previous 11 ones
-> this template as such doesn't contain any effect
-> through enhancing with alloys, which you can create at Creature Enchanter for 7000 Lak, you can apply the effect of the alloy onto the artifact-template ( a one-time-process!)
-> those alloys can be created only one-by-one for now
- in this context the prices for creature vigors were increased and existing artifacts nearly all removed (since they actually don't exist anymore)
- increased Droprate of mythical and legendary Pets

Patchnotes 2023-02-02

- fixed an issue in creature formation where the creature skin item caused trouble with the other equipped items
( VibraDragon-Patch required...sorry for that)
- Dropchance of guild materials in guildmine increased
- Bosses in Quest-Parallelworld give now also exp
- Dropchance of Gouverneur-Equipment in normal & Quest Parallelworld got increased

Patchnotes 2023-02-01

- added a skinslot in creature formation
- new Worldbuff "Lakbooster" added

Patchnotes 2023-01-30

- Restoration Scroll weight reduced from 2 to 0.2
- Forced Regen/Mana/Recovery Scroll weight reduced from 1 to 0.1
- Healing Scroll weight reduced from 1 to 0.2
- Mana Scroll weight reduced from 1 to 0.2
- Red Potion weight reduced from Lv * 1 toLv * 0.1
- Enhanced Red Potion weight reduced from Lv * 1 toLv * 0.1
- Blue Potion weight reduced from Lv * 1 toLv * 0.1
- Enhanced Blue Potion weight reduced from Lv * 1 toLv * 0.1
- Rank 2 Cube - Strike/Defense weight reduced from 5.5 to 0.55
- Rank 3 Cube - Strike/Defense weight reduced from 6 to 0.6
- Rank 4 Cube - Strike/Defense weight reduced from 6.5 to 0.65
- Rank 5 Cube - Strike/Defense weight reduced from 7 to 0.7
- Rank 6 Cube - Strike/Defense weight reduced from 7.5 to 0.75
- Rank 7 Cube - Strike/Defense weight reduced from 7.5 to 0.8
- Rank 8 Cube - Strike/Defense weight reduced from 1 to 0.85

Patchnotes 2023-01-29

- tooltip of items was recoded
-> all Items have now an automatic tooltip (+ Infotext)
Because of this wide-range-change there might be some displaying bugs in tooltips of items which had no automated tooltip before (e.g. consumeable Items, Combinationmaterial, etc).
For this reason there might be a double-display of Weight right now for most of these items, because it was given before as fix text in their tooltip.
If there are different values in these two Weight-displays, then the SECOND one is the automatic generated one - so the correct one.
For this patch the VibraDragon was updated (j4yi in case any antivir-prog flames around)

Patchnotes 2023-01-28

- recoded the working of creature crackers
-> there will be new variants today (100%, 150% & 200%)
-> for now they will have a duration of 60 minutes, other durations will follow
- new dropable Worldbuff in progress, which will increase the amount of Lak you gain from mobs
-> already coded, test was successful, only new item for Worldbuff is missing now

Patchnotes 2023-01-27

- added Devas Blessing to Underworld Merchant for AP
- costs for using the buffdemon-sphere partially reduced

Basicjob: 50
1. Job: 100
2. Job: 300
Masterclass: 750

Patchnotes 2023-01-23

- Deleveloption for Creatures added to Breeder-NPCs. It costs 10m per Level

Patchnotes 2023-01-22

- some minor fixes related to last patch
- preparations for new effectsystem were made

Patchnotes 2023-01-20

- some minor interface changes like awakening/random-option color, alignments in equipment display window,
- background-edits to set-item-part-names
- implemented myself an option to create rarity-specific T-Protect items

Patchnotes 2023-01-08

- Tooltips of some bosscards fixed
- Bright Piece of Fabric & Remaining Trace are now only dropable for questers (at least they should)
- Daiy Quests of Circus and Paraworld give now 2x Epicaria Coins
-> optional rewards of Paraworldquest changed: [Blessed Power of Change: Armor] as well as [Distorted Space's Armor Upgrade] as choice
- Devas Blessing adds now a single separate buff, adding you +30 on basic stats, +150 on p.atk/m.Atk and +15 on atkspeed & Castspeed
- Issue with Dark Grotto Portal fixed

Patchnotes 2023-01-05

- "Dark Grotto" added: Small Dungeon with lv30-50 Monsters
- Entrance Katan Northeast in these ruins of lost portal

Patchnotes 2023-01-03

- some Items in Devildom had no icons: fixed
- Droprate of DD specific items increased

Patchnotes 2022-12-31

- Damage of Soul-Anchor Skill and Ice Breath Skill increased
- Force-, Soul-, Luna-,Combi-Amplifiers are now buyable as equipable items in CS ( existing amplifier items are not affected by that )
You can only equip 1x Impact Amplifier and 1x Mirror Amplifier at the same time.
These amplifiers run also out in realtime.

Patchnotes 2022-12-30

Death Tyrant Changes:
- "Monarchs mental Awakening" replaced with "Soul Anchor"
-> big AoE-Damage, with has the possibility to decrease defense of each hitted monster
- "Monarch's Body Awakening" adjusted:
-> Cooldown set to 10 Minutes, Basic duration set to 10 minutes - increases by 10 minutes per stage (maximum: 60)
-> now only affects physical skills

White Dragon Changes:
- "Ice Breath" adjusted: damage increased
- "Dragon's Authority" added to WD's Skills (with lv150+)
-> increases all magical skills by 1
-> Cooldown set to 10 Minutes, Basic duration set to 10 minutes - increases by 10 minutes per stage (maximum: 60)
- "Dragon's Authority" & "Monarch's Body Awakening" works simultaniously on a character, so you can in summa increase all your skills again by 1

Patchnotes 2022-12-29

- some DD-drops were added
- some DD-Drops were adjusted (still enough missing stuff) ( Bossdrops are still not that interesting rn )
- Devildom is opened for now again
- Serverintern handling of some logs changed
- Issue with account- and characterflag detected and fixed ( maintenance required)

Patchnotes 2022-12-21

- Red & Black Christmas Valley Was now opened through the Eventmanager!
Entrance costs 1k AP and will be paid when teleporting there. At this place you have the possibility to farm sellable Equipment and Event items for 30 minutes which you can use. In these 30 minutes you can leave and re-enter the dungeon for free. If the Hunting licence runs out, you will be teleported out after next kill.
You can drop there:
- [Event] Holicpoint-Box ( = Genpoint Box)
- [Event] AP-Card
- [Event] Universal Growth Potion
- [Event] Lucky Potion (150%)
- [Event] Almighty Piece (+50 on Basic Stats)

Patchnotes 2022-12-20

- added two christmas sales to cs
- fixed few texts
- preparations for at least a small christmas event in progress

Patchnotes 2022-12-17

- removed durability from Medusa helmet
- durability of mc beltsets increased
I'm still not able to sit on pc after work, but I hope I'll be able soon again...

Patchnotes 2022-12-06

- 2h Circus weapons could still be changed with blacksmith coins -> fixed
- Creature Unities of "project 7" pets were blocking creature unity potions -> fixed

Patchnotes 2022-11-28

- Hotfix: an issue in daily login event made it impossible to get the present for today
- "Soul Plague" changed: reduced damage from 250% to 50%; can stack now 3 times
-> there will be a skill effect change tomorrow where the DoT depends on the amount of absorbed corpses around you

Patchnotes 2022-11-27

- Login Event started ( ??announcement )
- "Grim Desire" changed: Minimum HP of target increased from 20 to 70% (was wrong anyway),increases by each skillcard enhancement by 0,34 level (so +1 Level each +3 enhancements)
- pre-works on a System are made to be able to combine skillchangers instead of "using" them ( not active yet )
Edit: active now
- Lazy Matriarch has now an option to create buffdemons in greater amounts for you

Patchnotes 2022-11-26

- the Mercenary went invisible when having double-attacks - fixed
- Creativity-skill of evo3 Stone Golem was changed to a normal unity potion creation skill
- new emblems are added in CS in "Decoration" . They have the same stats as those you can buy ingame and are only different in cosmetical way
- some minor text issues fixed

Patchnotes 2022-11-24

- Pre-Work for a new chip-system in progress
- fixed an issue with the latest Vibra-patch

Patchnotes 2022-11-23

- "Vacuum Shockwave" changed: Cooldown set to 2 Minutes, reduces by 3% per Skillcard-enhancement
- "Spinning Blow" changed: Cooldown doesn't decrease with skilllevel anymore, 3% Cooldownreduction per Skillcard enhancement, damage increased
- "Shuddering Flame" changed: Cooldown reduces by 3% per Skillcard enhancement, basic damage increased
- "Gravity Amplification" changed: Basic Cooldown set to 125 Sec, reduces per Skilllevel by 1,5 Sekunden and 2% per skillcard enhancement
- "Huge Volcanic Eruption" changed: damage per skilllevel slightly increased, range increased from 8 tof 10 Meters (if it's already called HUGE eruption...), targets set to 12

Patchnotes 2022-11-22

- "Unholy Synergy" changed: Strength and Int of your creatures will be increased by strength and Int of your character, Vitality of your creature will be increased by vitality of your character
- "Fervor Aura" changed: the buffs were now merged together (stats identical to previous buffs)
- "Electric Synergy" changed: Increases now m.Def Ignore of your creatures by some percentage of your character's intelligence
- "Blood Synergy" changed: Increases now p.Def Ignore of your creatures by some percentage of your character's strength
- "Order of Alacrity" changed: increases now the accuracy instead of movespeed/evasion
- "Aura of Inspiration" changed: amplifies basic stats (except luck) as well as max HP/MP by a small percentage, the p/m.atk part as well as the Luck-value got removed

Attention: Those changes are not fix ones yet, so they might change!

Patchnotes 2022-11-21

- maximum amount of donated extracted soulcores increased to 1250 ( increases Droprate to x7.5)
- Death Tyrant potion was missing some stats -> fixed

Patchnotes 2022-11-20

- "Logsplit"- Debuff changed: reduces physical defense now by 5* skilllevel and by (2%+ skilllevel * 0,3%)
- "Dual Sword Expert" removed from Soldier Skilltree
-> replaced with "two-handed Advantage" : increases skilldamage, if player attacks with skill by 5%+1% * Skilllevel (max Skilllevel in Skilltree is 10)
=> does not work on autohits!
-> +1 Two-handed Advantage is now via BPOCs and Skillchanger possible (after Serverrestart)
- Costume Upgrade Scroll: Commander added to Arena Merchant for 3k AP
- "Steel Presence" Buffs changed: increases now 5% + 7,5% * skilllevel Max HP, 7,5% * Skilllevel Vit&p.Def

Patchnotes 2022-11-19

- Skills of Crystal Spider changed, Crystal Spider is now tameable in RotA
- map-issue in RotA fixed

Patchnotes 2022-11-18

- Crystal Glasses are added as Very Rare drop to the RotA drops
- some textissues fixed
- Content-Change "Refined Relic Box": 1-2 T-Protection Mirrors with a very low chance, InkDevil's Creature Lexicon with a low chance
- Rupee Bags can now be combined 10 together to get the next higher one. maximum receivable one is 100M; Mass combination is also possible
- "Hellstorm" changed: 10 seconds fix cooldown, 5% Cooldown Reduction per skillcard enhancement, damage slightly increased
- "Hail of the Underworld" changed: Cooldown decreased from 5 Minutes to 2 Minutes, 3% reduction per skillcard enhancement

Patchnotes 2022-11-17

- "Righteous Purpose" changed for now: Formula for converting HP to p.atk/m.atk changed to 3% + 1%* Skilllevel
- Buffdemon-Skills adjusted: casting time reduced to 0,5 seconds, Manaconsumption changed slightly for MC buffdemons
- Mysterious Blacksmith of Ruins is now available in Ruins of the Ancients
-> he tries for 50 ores to forge a special ring for lv170 for you.
You can identify these rings with a Magical Sphere (also dropable in RotA) to get additional effects
- automatical tooltip slightly changed
- Magical String of Underground & Crystal of Undergrounddidn't have the correct weight -> fixed
- minor fixes

Patchnotes 2022-11-15

- you can receive now 1x Labyrinthia-Coin when finishing the instance quest.
This should support newer characters to be able to buy Masterclass weapons even if they don't have enough power to defeat Butkadah

Patchnotes 2022-11-13

- Crystal Spider Card implemented
- Bloodthirsty Slaughterer can drop now his petcard
- Crystal Spider can drop now his petcard
- Power of Skillchange implemented (for now only available in CS, will be added to ingame option later )
- tamed lootpets in new Ethereal Pixie area weren't 100% correct ones -> fixed (at least new tamed ones)
- small textfixes
- Anti-Bot System petrifies (sadly forced to) again
-> if you get petrified due to a buggy window, you can relog to get the calculation-popup again!

Patchnotes 2022-11-12

- Blessed power of Change: Armor (class-specific as well as non-class-specific) can now be used to re-identify already identified governeurs gear
- "Intuition" in Corruptor skilltree changed:name changed to "Soul Absorber", consumes corpses and buffs the player with a mdef-ignore/m.penetration buff, which stacks up to 99 times, Basic Duration: 15 Minutes
- "Intuition" Skillcards renamed, reducing cooldown of "Soul Absorber" by 3% per skillcard enhancement
- "Invision" in corruptor skilltree changed: Renamed to "Enhanced Soul Absorber", Increases the Absorbed Soul Duration by 15 Minutes per skilllevel
- "Soul Plague" changed: damage slightly decreased
- Changes on Creature Card Farmzone: If you use now a ticket and leave the instance before time is up, you can enter a zone of the same monster again without paying any new ticket, as long as the Ticketbuff is still active. If you select a new monster, then it requires a new ticket for it

Patchnotes 2022-11-11

- Lootbags of paraworld are stackable now
- in Ruins of the Ancients drop now 2 new items: Ancient Ore & Magical Sphere.
Ancient Ores are required to ask a Blacksmith (not implemented yet) forging them into new rings. The possibility of this process isn't known yet, since the process itself for such powerful items is pretty complex - so mistakes can happen
These rings can be identified with the Magical Sphere
- "Holy Ground" changed: Cooldown reduced to 30 seconds
- "Salvation" changed: Cooldown of Holy Ground doesn't decrease anymore, damage of Holy Ground increases with the level
- Holy Cross skillcard wasn't implemented into skillcardboxes -> fixed
- Holy Aura skillcard removed from skillboxes (still in Altar)
- Potion Creation Skills of Pets changed: Casttime changed from 10 to 5 seconds

Patchnotes 2022-11-11

- Area for 160+ Ethereal Pixie expanded
- Minimum of received AP per quest depends now on the playerrank:
Rank 1= 1
Rank 2 = 5
Rank 3 = 10
Rank 4 = 15
Rank 5 = 20
Rank 6 = 25
Rank 7 = 30
Rank 8 = 40

Patchnotes 2022-11-10

- mantles can now be awakened as soon as they reach +20 or above with a "Final Awakening Stone: Armor".
The awakening will add additional itemdrop chance, +5% (with +20 mantle) up to +10% (+25 mantle)
- Max Level increased to Level 175

Patchnotes 2022-11-10

- "Hate Aura" changed: Debuff Duration increases by 2,5 seconds per skillcard-enhancement
- "Pact With Darkness" changed: Duration increases per Skilllevel by1 Minute, per skillcard enhancement by 30 seconds
- "Poisoned Weapons" changed: gets now additional damage by physical and magical attackpoints
- "Deep Focus" changed: doesn't increase critchance anymore, p.Penetration & p.Defense ignore instead
- "Sphere of the Berserk" changed: duration per skillcard enhancement increased from +15 to +30 seconds
- "Tectonic Spike" changed: Cooldown decreased from 15 to 12 Seconds, per Skillcard enhancement cooldown decreases by 3% and DoT duration increases by 1 second
- "Exhilaration" changed: stacks now additionally to the fix amount of p.atk/m.atk also a small percentage value of Accuracy& m.Accuracy
- "Endless Luck" changed: doesn't stack p.atk/m.atk fixvalu anymore. instead it stacks p.def/m.def fix value and a percentage value attackspeed/castspeed
- "Mass Repentance" changed: maximum amount of targets before dmg reduction changed from 5 to 15

Patchnotes 2022-11-08

- Issue with the display of taming chance bonus on items fixed
- Artifact of goddess removed from NPC-shop
- new Ethereal Pixi area added to Laksy Anchor

Patchnotes 2022-11-06

- "Huge Volcanic Eruption" changed: Cooldown set to 3 minutes, -3% Cooldown per skillcard enhancement
- it is now possible to increase the maximum amount of guild members via guild Zone. the costs will be subtracted from your guild bank account
- some text issues fixed

Patchnotes 2022-11-05

- added trading option to Arcane Relic Researcher to trade Coins of the Blacksmith alliance for AP
- Ruins of the Ancient Level limitation set to 170+ (should have been already, but wasn't)
- Sidemobs(Tiger, Aello, Wildcat) on Island of forgotten gods adjusted (regarding their damage)
- removed level-limitation of 100% Lucky Potion in CS
- Minimum Level of paraworld Gear is set to lv170 as planned, this also affects the Enhanced Medusa Helmet!!
- a few paraworld equipments weren't able to be enhanced to "Enhanced" version -> fixed

Patchnotes 2022-11-04

- "Runenmacht" abgeändert: p.atk/m.atk % increasement is calculated now 2% + Skilllevel*2%
- "Righteous Purpose" changed: p.atk/m.atk increasement through HP calculates now as follows 2% + Skilllevel*2%
- RoA-Questmonster "Bloodthirsty Throatcutter" added noew next to Mare Village (after Serverrestart!)
- "Time Travel to old Island" added to Underworld Merchant
- "Provocation" changed: from fix aggro-bonus to percentage aggro bonus
- Quest "[Repeat] Clear the Underground Base" change: killed witches count no for all party members

Patchnotes 2022-11-02

- "Lightning Fury" changed: Cooldown reduced from 4 minutes to 2 minutes, 3% Cooldown Reduction per Skillcard Enhancement
- "Eternal Pillar of Fire" changed: 3% Cooldown Reduction per Skillcard Enhancement
- "Cascade of Darkness" changed: Cooldown reduced from 5 minutes to 2 minutes, 3% Cooldown Reduction per Skillcard Enhancement, MP-usage-increasement per level from 64 to 100
- "Judgment of the Goddess" changed: Cooldown reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes, 3% Cooldown Reduction per Skillcard Enhancement
- "Tectonic Spike" changed: Cast-range increased from 3 to 10 meters
-"Meditation" & "Clarity" of 9.7 Pets cost now as regular as those of the other pets' ones 1 JP per skilllevel

Patchnotes 2022-11-01

- Changes on RoA monsters are in progress
- Legendary Runes can now also drop in Labyrinthia, Circus and RoA
- Tooltips of some items fixed
- "Steel Presence" changed: % Aggro-Amplifier -> % Defense Amplifier
- "Rainbow Field" changed: damage slightly increased
- "Wild Stream" changed: damage calculation changed, skillcards increase the damage now more effective

Patchnotes 2022-10-30

- Melee Unity (weapon) was changed for the fitting pets
- Mage Unity (weapon) was changed for the fitting pets
- Ranged Unity (weapon) was changed for the fitting pets

Patchnotes 2022-10-28

- new 165+ area "Sandy Beach" at South of Horizon added ( made sure to have enough distance between low area and the new one )
-> you can find Windpixies here as well as Turtle Fighters; the spots needs to be farmed a bit to get a better amount of monsters
- "Murderous Intent" is now set as buff instead of debuff
-> Debuffduration-reduction of Boots won't be applied onto that buff anymore
- collisions in Redspider Circus were a bit buggy -> fixed (probably recognizable after serverrestart)
- "Transfer Implant" had an old available time
-> set correctly now onto 14 days (if there's something to discuss about that, we can talk about it )

Patchnotes 2022-10-27

- missing dropchance-display of battle slaughterer, Undine, Bapho, mino and Drillbot fixed

Patchnotes 2022-10-26

- merchant shop display displays now 11 items instead of 7 ( in shop itself + cart)
- minor changes on interface things

Patchnotes 2022-10-25

- Tooltips of masterclass armors weren't existing anymore in english client -> fixed

Patchnotes 2022-10-24

- "Holy Aura" Skill changed: Buffskill-> passive Skill, which adds a DoT-debuff onto the attacker with a specific chance
-> skillcards will be removed later from droptable
- "Master's Hammer" was added to Upgrade-Shop
- "Mithril E-Repair Powder" is now destroyable

Patchnotes 2022-10-23

- "How at the moon" Skill changed: 5% strength/p.Atk -> increases passive 2% strength, 3% p.Atk
- "Pack Runner" Skill changed: -> increases How at the moon +1% more Strength per Level and +1,5% more p.Atk per Level
- "Angel's Force" Skill changed: 1,5% all Basicstats per Level -> 1,5% allBasic Stats flat
- "Heavenly Power" Skill changed: further+1% all Basic Stats per Level
- "Protector's Force" Skill changed: 1,5% all Basicstats per Level -> 1,5% all Basic Stats flat
- "War Palisade" Skill changed: further+1% all Basic Stats per Level
- "Wavecut" Skill changed: Range increased from 5m to 7m
- "Dual Strike" Skill changed: damage increased, reduced cooltime per skillcard+ by 3%
- "Laser Blade" Skill changed: damage increased, DoT-time increasing per skillcard+ by 2 seconds, cooltime reduction by 2% per skillcard+
- "Divine Smash" Skill changed: slightly increased damage
- "Apocalypse" Skill changed: range increased 3m->5m, slightly damage increase, amount of targets slightly increased

Patchnotes 2022-10-22

- Lightless Magic Scroll added to drops in Red Spider Circus
- Levelrequirement of Red Spider Circus in dungeonteleporter-text fixed
- Tamechance of player "Attack" set to 0%
- preparations for a map-extension were made (new area with petcard monster and non-petcard-monster)
- vice guild leader have now the same permissions in guild zone as guild leader
- only vice guild leader and guild leader can drop now money from guild bank
- 4 new worldbuffs are available in cashshop (possibility to get them ingame will be added later, too )

- guild icons are now displayed in ranking, too

Patchnotes 2022-10-20

- Axeer 4h Respawntime reduced to 20 Minutes, Drops adjusted related to that (respawn will be active after next restart)

Patchnotes 2022-10-18

- Stamina Saver (1h) added to Underworld's Merchant
- the blessing-replacers weren't displayed correctly in cardinals' skilltree -> fixed

Patchnotes 2022-10-16

- creature Wind scrolls adjusted and highly increased (effect as well as price )
-> Tooltip not corrected yet, the buff has a duration of 1h and is of course better now than just 1-3 Speed levels
- preparations were made to create something which allows the creature to synchronize with its master's movespeed as long as the specific buff lasts

Patchnotes 2022-10-15

- T1 Magewalls and Shields returned a wrong item when enhancing it with sanddragon scale -> fixed
- a spot on Veiled Island had an abnormous spawnrate -> fixed
- Textfixes

Patchnotes 2022-10-14

- fitting monsters added to guild mine
- Halloween Event preparations were made (in best case it will start tomorrow, infos will follow)
- Background works on my "old" halloween-dungeon were made
- there might be some weird guys standing around in the world now
They hate the Iron Guards and are chasing them - so you might have an idea where they could be findable

Patchnotes 2022-10-12

- Wind Pixi and Ethereal Pixi are now dropable
-> if required there'll be some further adjustment
- Prices/Amounts in cashshop partially changed ( if you didn't know: the cashshop is accessable like the official one through ingame)
- few textfixes were made

Patchnotes 2022-10-11

- "Edens Blessing": gives now % to basic stats
- "Knowledge is Power": decreased from 10% per level to 1,5% per level
- "Spiritual Blessing: Soul Creature" of 9.6 Pets exchanged with Edens Blessing
- "Penetrating Eye" removed from 9.6 Pets
- Creature Unity Potions adjusted
- further skills of aetherpixi and windy pixi adjusted
- Parallelworld mobs adjusted
- excluded ancient gear from quickselling
- fixed some graphical bug in hidden PP

Patchnotes 2022-10-09

- Vigor of Forest Pixie, Crystal Spider, Windy Pixie, Aetherpixie added to npc shop
- Artifacts of Forest Pixie, Crystal Spider, Windy Pixie, Aetherpixie created and can be exchanged from npc
- Daily Monsterkill Count Ranking added to website
- "Soul Counter's Mirror"was added to HV scroll merchant's shop, it allows the player by consuming it to see the current daily monsterkills
- "Artifact of the Goddess" added to Underworlds Merchant for Holicpoints: it grants you a buff that keeps PK away from you
- but also stops you from pking others

-> Bless the Body & the Soul of Forest Pixi, Windy Pixi, Aetherpixi andjusted (Forest Pixi will be changed during next maintenance)
-> Awakening: Atk/Defense of Forest Pixi, Windy Pixi, Aetherpixi andjusted (Forest Pixi will be changed during next maintenance)
-> Blessing of Intelligence/Strength/Vitality/Dexterity/Agility/Wisdom of pets adjusted to percentage values

Patchnotes 2022-10-08

- Blueprints still weren't able to be used the full rank before -> fixed
- activated Anti-Bot-Window to make botting a bit more difficult
- Textfixes
- Full Window Mode added to VibraDragon ( Custom Graphic Mode -> Resolution-> Full Window)

Patchnotes 2022-10-07

- Launcher & Launcherpage-structure changed
- the buffdruid offers now an option to transfer playerbuffs to your pet(s)
-> portable Version will be created later
-> Edit: portable timed Version added to HV scroll merchant (1h duration)
-> permanent version with longer lasting buffduration added optional to cashshop (2h duration)

Patchnotes 2022-10-03

- Hail of the Underworld: Radius increased 5m -> 5.5m
- Rapid Fire: Radius increased 3m -> 4m
- Shield of Nightmare: Duration 10min -> 30min, Manaconsum Basic 125MP-> 375MP
- Strength of Darkness: Duration 10min -> 30min, Manaconsume Basic 125MP-> 375MP
- Restrain: Restricted to Swords (1h, 2h, Dual) & Maces (1h, 2h)
- Rebuff of worldbuffs was buggy: fixed
- added ultimate beltkit to Solid Relic Box (low chance), as well as to the Item upgrade Shop
- Blueprints can now be used as soon as you reached one rank before the blueprint-rank

Some testers got their tester-present already:
- Beta Tester Deco-Cloak
- 4-5 Strange Eggs ( random pets will hatch when their time is decreased to 0)

Patchnotes 2022-10-02

- Deco-Cloak for Beta testers implemented, will be given out over the next days
- missing Creature Spirits added (artifacts still in progress)
- small issue on website fixed
- error in belpet level up menue fixed
-> note, this option is only useable for characters lv90+

Patchnotes 2022-09-29

- added to daily coin trader:
* Soul Impact Amplifier(5 Coins)
* Force Impact Amplifier (5 Epicaria Coins)

Patchnotes 2022-09-28

- Beltpet-Levler adjusted: This option is only useable if your character reached already lv90. And it costs, as told in NPC's text, 50m Rupees per pet.

Patchnotes 2022-09-25

- added some additional basic stats to the atk/defense Awakening skill of all pets, related to their grade
- added separate awakening skills for ranged pets (atm only Harpy, will also be applied to Forestpixi)
-> you might need to reset your harpy's skills

Patchnotes 2022-09-24

- "Demonic Howl" was added to the masterful buffdemon
- "Demonic Howl " of Deadeye changed: it increases now a asmall % amount of agility and dexterity as passive skill

Patchnotes 2022-09-23

- Underground Equipment adjusted
- Parallelworld-Equipment adjusted (also the enhanced version)

- Adjustments to Kaia Lake: those Ice Pillars aren't bound to the quets anymore. If you collect a pillar you will break into the Water and lfind yourself under the Ice. At the end of this mini-Dungeon you'll find the ice Dragon, Respawntime 10 minutes (drops will be adjusted to that)

Patchnotes 2022-09-21

- impossible to finish quests removed from Social job helper
- some textfixes were made

Patchnotes 2022-09-20

- Textfixes
- some dialog-options of Social job Helper removed ('cause outdated)
- HV again overworked by @GerChief | Pokki

Patchnotes 2022-09-19

- "Arcane Relic Researcher" got now an option to upgrade Ancient items which are worn by your pets

Patchnotes 2022-09-18

- Guildshops in Guild Zone created
- stones for powder now also spawn in manazone
- "Acid Swamp" changed: the area is now free to choose, it triggers in short intervals
- Website: ranking didn't sort correctly and displayed also 0,X% "wrongly" -> fixed
- collectible Items (e.g. Collections) only calculated basic stats after last change -> fixed
- Dungeon Teleporter was now also named in german string as such

Patchnotes 2022-09-17

- for german users: "Legendär" crafted items were changed to "Antik"; less missunderstandings with the new itemquality system, and fits more to their english counterpart
- Itemquality "Rare" can now also be obtained when enhancing your standard gear with a common + a rare Rune
- Itemquality "Legendary" can now also be obtained if enhancing your standard gear with a common, a are and a legendary rune at the same time
- Itemquality "Legendary" can now also be obtained if enhancing your common gear with a are and a legendary rune at the same time
- buffdemons will stack now if there's an identical buffdemon in inventory
- Characters with double crossbow were invisible when riding & standing still -> fixed

Patchnotes 2022-09-16

- Monsterkillcounter-coding changed, additionally it will now safe reset on Midnight (servertime)
-> Debug-messages are activated for now to check its working
- beltsets are now dropping in Labyrinthia again
- "Random lootbox of Red Spider" drops now in Redspider Circus
- "How at the moon" (Skilltree ) : increases now 5% p.atk& strength

Patchnotes 2022-09-15

- sometimes the Monsterkillcounter did not work 100% -> fixed

Patchnotes 2022-09-11

- guild buff increased to 2h
- Tooltip of card fragments corrected
- Unities of "arenapets" adjusted
- server-internal calculations related to collectible-items changed
- Oktopus: bloodthirst was changed to staged skill
-> duration: 20 seconds + 60 seconds per skilllevel (means on S5 it can be permanent)
-> Demonic Insects changed to a "normal" skill; duration & cooldown adjusted.

Patchnotes 2022-09-04

- new quality-system for equipable gear implemented
-> you can drop the required items in normal dungeon ( Common + Rare ) and in hidden dungeons ( Rare + Legendary )
- not all T1 R7 gear was converted correctly to its T2/T3 version through Dragon Scales -> fixed
- Basic stats corrected: Windpixi, Aetherpixi, Forestpixi, Crystal Golem, Crystal Spider( evo2 stats were much higher than they should be related to the other pets)
- shining armor, Shining Weapon, Angel's Force, Force of Protection,Ralley, Insight, Segen der Bestie, Heaven and Hell, Gerissenheit von den Spielerskills separiert und über die Buffdämonen für jeweils 1h erhältlich
- adjusted Creature Unity Toggles of T4 - T6 Pets, additionally all "9.7" Pet Toggles were broken down to less OP stats

Patchnotes 2022-09-03

- Tooltip of Regen Scroll was fixed
- "Sealing Scroll: Chaosstone" was added to holic merchant

Patchnotes 2022-09-02

- emblems added to Underworld Merchant (10k AP per Emblem)
- added Stone of Awakening: Chaosstone to the Laktrader-Shop
- re-rolled weekend-event
- it's possible now to store, drop and sell blueprints
- name for guildzone & card farm area added
- quantity-selection has now a correct npc text
- shopnames of social job helfers are now multilingual